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woman of colour wearing black zero waste shirt by Malaika New York
01 Nov
woman of colour wearing black zero waste shirt by Malaika New York

November’s Best Newly Rated Brands

November is really the beginning of the festive season. It’s also the time of year we’re encouraged to buy, buy, buy with Black Friday sales now happening in many countries. But as ethical fashionistas we know that mindless consumerism will not bring joy to the world…

So instead of hitting the department stores, take a look at these five ethical brands that are new to Good On You this month, that go the extra mile to reduce waste and give back, as well as making great clothes.


Rated: Great
A woman in a white blouse extends her arms to the left

Garments made to represent quality and style as well as accountability, all made from organic and sustainable textiles and produced on fair term.


Rated: Good
back views of person in red knit sweater and blue jeans, person in checked shirt and white jeans, and person in cream and striped long cardigan and skinny blue jeans by Toad&Co walking with linked arms

Toad&Co is a US brand that creates more socially and environmentally-committed womenswear and menswear that is equally suited for the rigours of the trail or the tavern.

Most items are available in sizes XS-2XL.

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Shop Toad&Co @ Wearwell.

Vegan Resort Wear

Rated: Good

Vegan Resort Wear is a New York-based label that draws on influences from international travel to metropolitan living.

Malaika New York

Rated: Good
Someone wearing a black shift dress by Malaika NY.


People wearing Malaika NYC outfits

Malaika New York

More sustainable, comfortable dresses and tops in organic cotton. Plus, asymmetric dresses and tops. Exclusive 30% off with code 30%malaikagood. (Ends: 19 JUL)

Checkout code: 30%malaikagood
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Malaika New York is a minimalistic more sustainable clothing brand with a focus on anti-waste clothing and accessories. The US-based brand aims to eliminate fashion’s harmful environmental effects by utilising lower-waste patterns, while maximising wearability by producing luxe-quality, contemporary garments that make a statement now and into the future.

Find most garments in S-XL, with some items going up to 2XL.

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Shop Mailaika New York.

And that’s the November wrap!

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Check back next month for another selection of awesome brands that are doing their bit for People, Planet, and Animals.

Editor's note

Feature image by Malaika New York All other images via brands mentioned. Good On You publishes the world’s most comprehensive ratings of fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet and animals. We love to recommend some of the best sustainable brands, rated “Good” or “Great”. We also encourage shopping pre-owned as another great way to reduce the impact of our fashion choices. Use our directory to search thousands of rated brands. We may earn a commission on sales made using our offer codes or affiliate links.

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