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Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.
01 May
Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.

News Edit 1st May: Why Fashion Industry Needs to Make Less Stuff, GHG Emissions at Pre-Pandemic Levels, Dawn Denim Tackles Jeans for Every Size

Every week, the Good On You team scours the internet, so you can have easy access to the ethical and sustainable fashion news that matters. Here’s everything you need to know this week.

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An Unglamorous Solution to Fashion’s Sustainability Problem: Make Less Stuff

“Overproduction, greenwashing, and unchecked growth have created a huge problem,” reports Lauren Schenkman for Fashion Dive. “Experts say strict regulations may be the only solution, but it won’t be easy or fast.”

Fashion’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Back to Pre-pandemic Levels

According to the Material Change Insights 2022 report by the Textile Exchange, consumption is back to pre-pandemic levels, as are greenhouse gas emissions. “One of the biggest challenges for retailers is their reliance on conventional polyester, which is still the main material category at 65% compared to recycled polyester (35 %),” says Don-Alvin Adegeest for Fashion United.

Why Is Fashion Still Dragging Its Feet on Sustainability?

As Emily Chan covers for British Vogue, despite some action by brands in key areas of GHG emissions, lower-impact materials, and circular business models in recent years, the fashion industry as a whole is still not doing enough to address its impact on the climate. Maxine Bédat, director of New Standard Institute, agrees, pressing that “Companies need to be working toward achieving absolute reduction targets. Until there is legislation that requires that these goals are met, we should have no reason to be confident that these targets will be met.”

Getting ready greener: experts on the simple changes you can make for more sustainable style

Discover everything from how to approach your wardrobe more responsibly to important beauty routine switch-ups with Jessica Davis for Harper’s Bazaar. When it comes to fashion, “supporting better brands—those that are showing leadership and working to minimise their impact on the planet—is one way we all can help drive change,” says Sandra Capponi, co-founder of Good On You.

‘Good’ and ‘Great’ news

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Jeans for Every Size by Dawn Denim

Finding curvy-friendly jeans is a challenge even outside the responsible fashion sphere, but after repeated feedback from its community, one “Great” rated German brand Dawn Denim has taken action. Working with and for its community for two years, the brand is happy to announce its first curvy sizes based on the best-selling fits: “You have the butt, we have the matching jeans.”

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