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A pine tree print upcycled sail tote by Casco Totes.
24 Nov
A pine tree print upcycled sail tote by Casco Totes.

The 7 Best Newly Rated Brands We Found for November

As shopping ramps up in the lead up to the holidays it may be tempting to stick with those cheap, easy-to-find fast fashion brands. But why not support “Good” and “Great” newly rated brands this year and give more conscious gifts?

The newly rated brands in November great for gifting

Brand ratings are the backbone of our mission at Good On You: to make shopping your values simpler. Since 2015, we have been uncovering brands doing harm, and highlighting those doing good for people, the planet, and animals. You can download our app or check out the directory to discover the best brands for you. If you’re all about discovering new “Good” and “Great” brands from around the world to support, this roundup is for you.

This month, we’ve got seven newly rated brands for you coming out on top with “Good” ratings. There’s technical men’s underwear, outerwear for kids, upcycled totes, and US-made basics, to name a few. Let’s take a look.

Three responsible fashion products side by side, a kids' scarf from Gray Label, a blue knitted sweater from Bunti, and an upcycled pine tree tote by Casco Totes.


Rated: Good
Someone in underwear by more responsible French brand, Bluebuck.

Bluebuck is a French menswear label with a playful, adventurous spirit born out of a love of nature, specialising in technical menswear basics and swimwear designed to last. The brand produces locally to minimise the brand’s impacts and uses better materials like GOTS certified cotton and recycled marine plastic.

Find most items in sizes XS-2XL.

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Rated: Good
A blue knitted sweater by Bunti.

Bunti is a British label filled with collections of timeless and versatile pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime.

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Shop Bunti.

Casco Totes

Rated: Good
A pine tree print upcycled sail tote by Casco Totes.

Casco Totes is an American brand that offers a wide variety of recycled sail bags including tote bags, handbags, crossbody bags, and wristlets.

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Rated: Good
An ochre kids' outerwear jacket responsibly made by fairechild.

fairechild is a Canadian outerwear label that uses recycled materials in its stylish creations for kids and adults.

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Rated: Good
An upcycled leather zip card holder by Gazur.

Gazur is a German brand where individual design meets sustainability. It uses responsible materials like recycled leather to make its wallets, bags, and accessories.

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Graceful District

Rated: Good
A light pink basic hoodie by locally-made Graceful District.

Graceful District is a locally-made fashion label based in southern California. It creates quality basics in a limited production run to minimise its climate impact.

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Gray Label

Rated: Good
A brown infinity kids' scarf by Gray Label.

Gray Label is a Dutch childrenswear brand offering high-quality minimalist basics for kids.

Find clothes for kids 0-12 years.

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Editor's note

Feature image via Casco Totes, all other images via brands mentioned. Good On You publishes the world’s most comprehensive ratings of fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet, and animals. Use our directory to search thousands of rated brands.

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