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23 Nov

How Ethical Is Fashion Nova?

With more than 13.5 millions followers on Instagram, Fashion Nova has become one of the fastest growing women’s clothing lines on the internet.  But we wonder, how does the brand and its production speed, impact on the Planet, People and Animals. We ask, how ethical is Fashion Nova?

Created by Richard Saghian in 2006, Fashion Nova was originally a brick-and-mortar store in California. In 2013, he launched the store online, with the aim of being closer to its consumers.  Using Instagram as his main platform, and posting pictures of his best selling items on models, Saghian was able to gather 60,000 followers before the launch.

Since then, Fashion Nova’s following has grown and the brand now works with influencers and celebrities like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner to reach millions. In 2017, Fashion Nova was one of the most searched fashion brands on Google alongside Gucci, Louis VuittonSupreme and Chanel.

Overall Rating: We Avoid

Rated: We Avoid

Unfortunately, we have to give Fashion Nova a ‘We Avoid’ rating.  It does not provide sufficient information, which is why it rates ‘Very Poor’ on Environmental Impact, Labour Conditions and Animal Welfare.  On its website, it says it has a program to fund and advocate for charities that empower people, but that’s it. No details of who or what will receive funding or if any money has been allocated so far.

We have the right to know how the products we buy affect the issues we care about. Sadly, Fashion Nova could hardly be less transparent. What’s more, Fashion Nova is the prime example of the next generation of Fast Fashion brands, Ultra Fast Fashion, increasing the production speed even more and encouraging over-consumption over cheap and easily disposable products.

To have a better rating, Fashion Nova could start disclosing more information about how, where and by whom its items are produced, as well as the materials used. Transparency is crucial to ethical and sustainable fashion and is the first step towards reducing a business’ impact on the People, Planet and animals.

Luckily, the Good On You team found a couple of ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ brands to choose from next time you need to fill a gap in your wardrobe:

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Feature image via Fashion Nova. All other images via brands mentioned.

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