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29 Oct

Good On You x Rank a Brand

For many of you, Rank a Brand is likely a familiar name. The non-profit foundation has been a well known and reliable brand comparison site in Europe across fashion, food, homewares, technology, and more for over ten years. Their mission was clear: they were determined to answer the question “How sustainable is your favourite brand?” Sound familiar?

It made perfect sense to team up and continue our shared mission together. On that note, we are excited to announce that Good On You recently incorporated Rank a Brand! With this move, Good On You builds on the pioneering work of Rank a Brand to further grow the global ethical fashion community.

Rank a Brand Founder Niels Oskam is positive that our incorporation is the best way forward.

At our peak we had a million users a year. But sadly, because of our non-profit approach and few donations, our development stagnated. It made more sense to join forces with a trusted partner and continue our shared mission together. The great ambitions of Rank a Brand now get a second life through Good On You.

We are delighted to welcome Rank a Brand users into the Good On You community and congratulate Niels and the Rank a Brand team for their incredible work in this sector. Good On You exists to create change, and our vision is to make fashion fair and sustainable. We celebrate the designers and makers who are doing good, and connect them with shoppers who want to look and live better. Thanks to you, our growing global Good On You community, we will further build on this vision.

The Rank a Brand web pages will gradually be redirected to, and Niels Oskam remains active as a member of our Advisory Board.

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