The Complete 2018 Guide to Ethical Children’s Clothing Brands

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Whether you’ve been invited to a baby shower or your little one has graduated to the next size up, we’re here to make shopping for ethical children’s clothing one less thing to worry about.

Staying committed to your ethical fashion values when shopping for an entire family can be difficult. Big chains offer super cheap clothing for children, making it easy to find quick outfits as your kids grow. We’ve created this guide so you’ll know exactly where to shop for quality, ethical clothing that will keep your little angels (or cheeky devils) looking cute. Each brand is rated either ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ in the Good On You app, meaning they are committed to the ethical and environmental issues you care about. 

Pitupi GoY-Ratings_5

Puffed Sleeve Dress Blackberry/Boats
Ages: 6months-4 years | Ships internationally

Slow-fashion advocate Pitupi offers socially and environmentally sustainable and fashionable clothing for kids and babies. The brand uses eco-friendly materials including GOTS certified cotton and limits the amount of chemicals, water and wasteeater in its production, making sure the products are safe for children.

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Oobi GoY-Ratings_5

Paddington Woollen Coat
Ages: 6months-4 years | Ships internationally

Oobi is an Australian girl’s fashion, swimwear, homewares and lifestyle brand. In addition to creating stylish clothes for our children, the brand makes sure it uses low-impact non-toxic dyes throughout its range. It also used no animal products and uses sea freight to transport products to reduce its climate impact.

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Little Emperor GoY-Ratings_5

Penguin Top by Little EmperorPenguin Organic Cotton Top
Ages: 6 months-6 years | Ships internationally from Australia

Little Emperor creates unique, functional and hard wearing clothing designed for ‘spirited little people’. Their affordable clothing is made from environmentally friendly organic cotton, and every garment is designed and handmade in Sydney. From their materials and packaging, right down to their energy supplier and banking, Little Emperor is dedicated to environmentally friendly practice. Named in honour of the adorable Emperor Penguin — every year 5% of their annual profit is donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, helping protect the penguins’ home.

Dhana GoY-Ratings_5

Young girl in forest wearing Dhana Green Jellybean dressOrganic Cotton Jellybean Dress
Ages: 0 months – 12 years | Ships internationally from the US

Founded in 2008 in California, Dhana is an ethical brand for babies and children that’s certified by Fairtrade International – Small Producers Organisations. Dhana only deal with partners who match their passion for sustainable practices, working with factories to achieve decent working conditions, fair prices, and better terms of trade. In addition, they are a founding partner of ‘SOURCE’ – a global ethical fashion network. Overall this means that Dhana have received a rating of ‘Great’ on the Good On You app, our highest possible score!

Beru Kids GoY-Ratings_4

little girl wearing blue beru kids layla romper in front of wallThe Layla Romper
Ages: 2 months – 7 years | Ships internationally from the US

Children’s label Beru Kids was born and bred in Los Angeles, where they are a proud part of the local economy. Furthermore, almost all of their fabrics are organic and sourced locally. On occasion the company also uses surplus fabric from other fashion brands to make their clothing, preventing it from ending up in landfill. 

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Nature Baby GoY-Ratings_4 Jersey Cotton Body Suit 
Ages: 0-4 years | Ships internationally from Australia and New Zealand

Based in New Zealand and Australia, Nature Baby specialises in quality organic baby clothing. Started in 1998 as a family business, they pride themselves on pairing pure, beautiful, chemical-free fabric with simple designs. Most of their clothing is made from cotton certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and organic merino wool. Nature Baby encourage their customers to treat products in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. The brand’s production takes place in India, where the owners visit annually to oversee production and ensure high social criteria are being met. 

Eternal Creation GoY-Ratings_4

Baby sitting on grass wearing Eternal Creation white shark cotton t shirtWhite Shark Embroidered T-shirt
Ages: 0-14 years | Ships internationally from Australia

Eternal Creation‘s clothing is produced by Tibetan refugees in the Himalayas of India. They’re a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, as well as Fair Trade Forum India. You can even meet their amazing team of tailors online and read their incredible personal stories.

Winter Water Factory GoY-Ratings_4

Mother and daughter wearing matching dresses in field of flowers
Sonora Baby Dress – The Farm Next Door Slate Blue
Ages: 0-6 years | Ships internationally from the US

Founded by Brooklyn-based creatives Stefanie Lynen and Todd Warnock, the brand was named by Stefanie as an ode to a childhood business venture in Germany, where she and her sister bottled melted snow and sold it to their parents as Winterwasser or “Winter Water”. Every piece of Winter Water Factory clothing is made using 100% certified organic cotton – crafted in the USA, from start to finish. They also use a natural fleece, and while they do not specify their source, no other animal products are used. What’s better? They make gorgeous women’s clothing too, so Mums and bubs can match in style.

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ReCreate GoY-Ratings_5

Fairtrade Children's CardiganEveryday Black Cardigan
Ages: 0-5 years | Ships internationally from New Zealand

New Zealand based label ReCreate receive the highest rating from Good On You. As well as using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton and recycled materials to make their trendy children’s clothing, they provide employment for women in Dey Tmey, a disadvantaged community in Cambodia.

Purebaby GoY-Ratings_4

Baby sitting on bed wearing beanie and grey jumperOrganic Cotton Cable Beanie
0-6 years | Ships internationally from Australia

Purebaby’s vision is to create beautiful baby clothes without compromising on social responsibility- just what we’re looking for! This super cute brand was founded by designer and mother Mirabai Winford after her own hunt for affordable, organic and practical children’s clothing left her empty handed. Their clothing range is mainly made from organic cotton which is safe and gentle on bubba’s skin. Their Baby and Parenting Blog also offers thoughtful guidance on parenthood, shopping and style.

My Fair Baby GoY-Ratings_4

Young girl wearing my fair baby pyjamas against a white wallChildrens Organic Pyjamas – Silver Wood 
Ages: 0-8 years | Ships internationally from Australia

My Fair Baby source ethically produced children’s clothing from developing countries and donate their profits to charity organisations in India. Their range includes boys’ and girls’ wear, accessories and gift packs. They stock a number of labels and provide comprehensive background information for each so you know all about the brands you are supporting. There are no animal products and most of their collections are made from organic cotton. Many of their products are also Fairtrade certified, and where they don’t offer certification, it is acknowledged that the manufacturing facility follows fair trade practices.

Earthlings GoY-Ratings_5

Young girl sitting on wall in Earthlings blue dress Blue Berry Organic Kimono Dress
Ages: 6months-4 years | Ships internationally from New Zealand

Perfect for baby’s sensitive skin, Earthlings’ clothing is crafted from certified organic Fairtrade cotton that hasn’t been treated with pesticides, bleach or other chemicals. This family-owned brand focuses on keeping clothing as natural as possible every step of the way and their designs are hand-printed with certified eco-friendly dyes and inks. Earthlings also ensure their producers in India are regularly and independently audited. They also provide support to projects like Zameen Organic, which is a pioneering farmer-owned marketing company for Fairtrade, organic and pesticide-free cotton. You’ll feel great knowing your little one is napping in a footed playsuit that’s gentle on the skin and good for the environment.


What’s your favourite ethical children’s clothing brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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Editor’s note: this version of our 2016 Guide was updated in June 2018. Brand ratings are correct at the time of publication. 

Feature image via Ariel Lustre on Unsplash. Additional images via the brands and @winterwaterfactory, @katrinajmassey, @purebabyorganic

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