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Woman wearing bomber jacket from CAES
10 May
Woman wearing bomber jacket from CAES

Meet 6 Brands That Have Improved Their Good On You Ratings

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We celebrate the brands that have improved their public disclosures and moved up a level on our ratings scale.

Which fashion brands are improving their practices?

Brand ratings are at the heart of Good On You’s mission to make shopping your values simpler. We have been rating brands since 2015—more than 6,000 to date—uncovering the ones doing harm and highlighting those doing better for people, the planet, and animals.

Our ratings team continually re-rates brands—annually for large brands and every 18 months for smaller ones—using the most up-to-date information and data available, so you can see accurate details about how the brands you’re interested in are impacting the values that matter to you. And when there is a significant change in a brand’s public disclosure, or a public or stakeholder concern about changes in the company’s practices, we’ll also initiate a review. In 2023, re-rates represented around 36% of the total brands we analysed.

Looking at the data for the 188 brands we re-rated in the first quarter of 2024, 22% improved their scores, while 40% got worse. Most of the brands that improved are smaller labels, which demonstrates an ongoing trend—despite having significantly more power and funding to affect change, the majority of large brands still aren’t doing enough to reduce their impacts on people, the planet, and animals.


How Good On You rates brands

Good On You is the most comprehensive and widely trusted brand ratings system for fashion. Our mission is to help you make better choices.

The Good On You ratings system captures the complexity of sustainability, aggregating up to 1,000 data points across 100 key issues for each brand. Our team of analysts use their industry-leading expertise and ratings tech to efficiently assess fashion brands’ impacts across the entire supply chain.

Brands receive an overall score that is converted into a rating on a clear and comparable five-point scale, from “We Avoid” all the way up to “Great”. You can download our app or check out the directory to discover the best brands for you.

For this report, we looked at the data for the 188 brands our analysts re-rated in 2024’s first quarter, and highlighted the ones whose overall scores increased enough for them to go up a level on our rating scale, for example, from “It’s a Start” to “Good”, or from “Good” to “Great”. We haven’t focused on brands whose ratings increased but were still bad overall, for example, from “We Avoid” to “Not Good Enough”. The idea is to encourage brands that are actively making progress and reducing their impacts.

The ANJELMS Project

Rated: Great
People wearing handmade cotton clothing by the Anjelms Project.


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The ANJELMS Project is an Australian clothing brand on a mission to help improve the lives of its makers. It celebrates traditional techniques, creating clothes that are naturally dyed and hand-loomed in India using more sustainable practices and limiting production to minimise waste. In our most recent review, the brand’s rating lifted from “Good” to “Great”—the highest on our scale.

See the rating.

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Coco & Kandy

Rated: Good
Woman wearing Coco & Kandy outfit

Coco & Kandy focuses on making uncomplicated, high quality clothes for warm weather. The Bulgarian brand uses lower-impact materials, traces most of its supply chain and visits suppliers regularly. The brand’s overall rating now stands at “Good”, with individual ratings for animal welfare and the environment having lifted to “Good”, while its people rating is now “It’s a Start” after rising from “Not Good Enough”.

See the rating.

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Rated: Good
Woman wearing CAES outfit

“Fashion does not have to be fast or seasonal,” says CAES (pronounced like case). The Dutch brand, whose ratings across our people, planet and animals pillars have all risen, creates timeless, minimalist clothes using lower-impact materials such as Desserto cactus leather, recycled cotton, and Tencel Lyocell. It partly traces its supply chain and has a code of conduct covering some ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles. The brand’s overall rating has risen from “It’s a Start” to “Good”.

See the rating.

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Rated: Good
Person wearing Darzah shoes

US-based Darzah improved from “It’s a Start”, to “Good” in our most recent review. The brand specialises in upholding the traditional Palestinian embroidery technique, tatreez. The non-profit label is Fair Trade certified, it ensures payment of a living wage to those in its final production stage, and it offers employment and job training to women in the West Bank. Each of the brand’s creations, whether shoes, homeware or accessories, is handmade in the area by artisans.

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Joe’s Toes

Rated: Good
Slippers from Joe's Toes

Shoemaker Amanda Blackwell founded Joe’s Toes more than a decade ago to create hand-stitched felt slippers. Blackwell crafts every pair and doesn’t use any glue in the process to ensure that the slippers can easily be deconstructed and the materials recycled or reused at the end of their life. The UK-based brand rates “Good”, up from “It’s a Start” in our last review.

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Rated: Good
Scarf from Jemimasara

Multidisciplinary artist Jemima Sara incorporates freedom of expression and the nuances of everyday life into her artworks, clothes and accessories. Sara’s namesake brand limits production runs, uses lower-impact materials, and traces some of its supply chain, and its rating now sits at “Good” level, having risen from “It’s a Start”.

See the rating.


Editor's note

Feature image via CAES, all other images via brands mentioned. Good On You publishes the world’s most comprehensive ratings of fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet, and animals. Use our directory to search thousands of rated brands.

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