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29 May

More Sustainable Alternatives to the Viral Uniqlo Crossbody Bag

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Uniqlo’s viral nylon crossbody bag has taken social media by storm, but the brand’s ethical rating falls short. Read the article to discover the “Good” and “Great” brands making alternatives to Uniqlo’s viral bag but doing better for people, the planet, and animals.

The bag TikTok is going wild for

Uniqlo’s latest viral hit is a nylon crossbody bag that has been taking social media by storm.

For a few months now, shoppers worldwide have been trying to get their hands on this bag. Why? “The bag is inexpensive, it exists in a variety of colours to match every conceivable outfit, it is adjustable and adaptable, but most importantly, it looks small yet it is capacious,” says NSS Magazine.

Sounds promising, but unfortunately, Uniqlo’s ethics don’t quite hold up, and we rate Uniqlo “It’s a Start” based on our team’s research here at Good On You. While Uniqlo has set some decent environmental policies in place and has made a start for animals, there’s no evidence it’s providing fair wages for its workers. It still has a lot of work to do before it can be considered a “Good” or “Great” responsible brand.

This rating can raise questions, especially when applied to large, fast fashion brands. But “It’s a Start” means just that—the brand is making a start. Uniqlo is already ahead of comparable brands by creating timeless staples that don’t go out of fashion nearly as fast. And if your options are Uniqlo or a brand like SHEIN that is making little to no effort for people, the planet, and animals, Uniqlo is a clear winner—progress over perfection.

So, if you like Uniqlo’s crossbody bag but are looking for alternative brands making a solid effort across the board for sustainability and ethics, we’ve got you. We found “Good” and “Great” brands making alternatives to Uniqlo’s viral bag but doing better for people, the planet, and animals.

More sustainable alternatives to the viral Uniqlo crossbody bag

1. Organic Half Moon Cross Body Bag (WAWWA)

2. Medium Nylon Crescent Bag (Baggu)

3. Big Upcycled Leather Crossbody Bag (Hyer Goods)

4. Laura Bag (O My Bag)

5. Annis Sling (BEEN London)

6. EARTH 021 Air Hope Bag (Continew)

7. Chloe Crossbody Bag (Wouf)

8. Recycled Moon Bag (Sealand)

9. Custine XL Waist Bag (Rive Droite Paris)

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