Who runs Good On You?

Good On You was established by Ethical Consumers Australia, a non-profit organization. We are a commercial business that is driven by a social mission – to create a world where consumer choices drive business to be sustainable and fair.

Good On You is owned jointly by Ethical Consumers Australia and the founding staff team. You can find out about Good On You team here.

Why is Good On You important?

We believe it’s too hard for people to make good purchasing choices. There are thousands of products on the market, dozens of ethical issues, and there simply isn’t time for most consumers to do in-depth research on their purchases.

We know people care about working conditions, animal welfare and the environment, and we want to drastically decrease the effort required for people’s shopping baskets to reflect their values.

Ethical consumption doesn’t have to be a niche activity. Good On You will make it a real option for millions of consumers around the globe.

How does Good On You make a difference?

Good On You harnesses the power of millions of shoppers who want to shop to their values. We create direct impact every time a user buys from a better rated brand.

When a critical mass of users turn towards brands that avoid harm, we create a movement for change.

Retailers will begin to feel  the hip pocket and will be forced to change. And people around the globe will enjoy a fairer and more sustainable future.

Why isn't my favorite brand listed yet?

Good On You is a fast growing service. We are adding more and more brands each week! If you would like to suggest a brand for us to investigate, please use our contact and feedback form.

How does Good On You rate brands?

In short, we aggregate all the public information available from certification schemes (Fair Trade, Global Organic Textile Standard and many more), from NGO investigations (Greenpeace Detox, Behind the Barcode and more) and brands’ own statements.

Ethical shoppers demand transparency and we’re here to reward brands that are meeting the consumer demand.

For more information on our brand ratings, please see how we rate.

How many brands has Good On You rated?

The Good On You app includes ethical brand ratings for  over 1,100 brands, including mainstream fashion labels and smaller, more ethical and sustainable brands.

Our ultimate aim is to rate any brand that you can find! So we are always adding more brand ratings as fast as we can.

How does Good On You decide which brands to rate?

We aim to rate every brand that Good On You users want to know about. We’ve started with hundreds of major mainstream brands and hundreds of smaller ethical brands.

If you have a suggestion for a brand to rate please advise us here.

Or view our page for brands and retailers if you want more information on the scope of our listings.

How can I get more information about the issues that matter?

Good On You includes ethical shopping tips, published in the app and in our blog, The Good Edit. This advice helps you pick ethical products, provide simple, convenient ways to avoid waste, and guides to the common materials used to make clothes. Each product category has its own section, so all your shopping bases are covered. Whether you care about the environment, labour rights, animal welfare or all three, we can equip you with the information you need to become a more conscious consumer.

How do I use the Good On You app to find the best ethical brands and items suited to me?

You can find ethical brands by name, by product category or by issue (vegan, Fair Trade, organic, country made and more) (from 15 May 2017). You can also review our curated content on topics like brands that empower women or brands that are made in your country.

When you search a brand, Good On You suggests alternative options that are similar in style and price but have a higher ethical rating.

You can search for the best brands in a category like dresses, jeans or shoes, and then refine your search to limit it to brands in a certain price bracket, that make clothes for kids, men or women, that do or don’t sell online, that offer plus sizes etc.

How can I share the app with my friends?

You can share a brand listing or article from with the app (top right of the screen) or you can send them this link.

In which countries is Good On You available?

Good On You is available globally for iOS and Android.*

*In some countries Android only availability starts on 24 April 2017.

Will you rate brands in other product categories like cosmetics, homewares or services?

We plan to include other consumer product categories like personal care items, homewares and electronics, based on requests from users.

Ethical brand ratings for cosmetics are coming soon in 2017!

How can I get involved to help empower consumers to change the world as they shop?

Spread the word – The more people we can get using the app, the more impact we can create together! Send your friends this link to download the app.

Volunteer – We have volunteer positions and unpaid internships from time to time which are listed here.  

Get your ethical brand listed – If you represent a brand that is trying to make a difference, see for brands and retailers for more information.

Why does the Good On You app ask for my location?

Giving permission to know your location is optional. If location services are turned on, then the app can provide you with information about brands that are available for purchase near you.

Once you have found a brand you are happy with, the app lists the closest retailers, including online retailers.  And if you are looking at a brand that does not perform well on the issues you care about, then the app can suggest alternative brands that are available near you.

I have information about how a brand is performing on its labor, environmental or animal protection policies. Where can I send it?

Good On You aggregates publicaly available information, including the research undertaken by investigative NGOs, unions and journalists. If you become aware of public information that we don’t seem to have included please contact us.

What’s with the promoted content?

Please see How we rate products.

We permit brands that are rated Good or Great overall to use the Good On You app, web-site and social media to reach people that want to know about the best rated ethical brands. Every time you buy from a better rated brand, and avoid those that are doing harm, you are voting for the kind of world you want to live in!

I have a different question. How do I get in touch?

We’d love to respond to your question, feedback or suggestion.