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Close up side view of unspun's new undyed raw organic cotton jeans.
16 Aug
Close up side view of unspun's new undyed raw organic cotton jeans.

Custom-Made Jeans by unspun: The Natural Edit

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“Great” low-waste brand unspun just dropped its latest styles, featuring three cuts of natural undyed organic cotton jeans perfect for the fall. Let’s take a look.

Doing denim better

Denim is a dirty fabric. Usually made from conventional cotton and put through water and chemical-intensive dyeing processes to get that classic blue hue, this popular fabric has work to do to clean up its act. One brand leading the way in doing denim better is custom-fit brand unspun. It is creating a denim world that reduces global carbon emissions by 1% through a zero-inventory and low waste process, and its latest collection made from non-stretch, raw organic cotton may be the most sustainable yet. Plus, we love the subtle salt and pepper effect of the unrefined cotton. Let’s take a closer look.

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The Natural Edit

Two people sitting back to back wearing unspun's new undyed raw organic cotton jeans.

Unrefined, undyed, unbleached

The salt and pepper denim fabric for unspun’s newest style is made in Italy by world-renowned denim mill, Candiani, dubbed “The Greenest textile company in the Blue World” for its sustainability efforts across transparency and technology.

The resulting fabric takes all the worst parts of regular denim and flips them on their head. By opting for 100% organic cotton and ditching the refining, bleaching, dyeing, and washing, unspun’s latest collection is less water and chemical-intensive—not to mention its unique look.

Entirely customisable to fit you

As ever, unspun’s newest jeans are entirely customisable. Using innovative 3D technology and a simple “Design, Scan, Wear” process, each pair of jeans is uniquely crafted to fit you and made-to-order with your exact requirements. The collection will be available in three different fits: feminine wide leg, feminine classic straight fit, and masculine straight fit. Customers can even select from different thread colours, waist, and hem options to craft the perfect pair of jeans.

Shop the new undyed styles

Feminine Wide Leg | Natural

Someone modelling unspun's new feminine wide leg undyed raw organic cotton jeans.

Loose fit jeans are in style, and these ones fit snug on your waist and hips, then a bit roomy on the thighs, and are cut wider down the leg.

Feminine Classic Straight Fit | Natural

Someone modelling unspun's new feminine straight cut undyed raw organic cotton jeans.

The one, the only, unspun’s classic straight-cut jeans. A relaxed fit from the hips down, this is one silhouette with some attitude.

Masculine Straight Fit | Natural

People modelling unspun's new undyed raw organic cotton jeans.

The classic fit in the masculine styles, fitted in the waist and cut straight down the leg. Non-stretch, natural organic cotton with a salt and pepper effect.


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image looking up at four people dressed in Unspun

unspun is an American brand, fostering a denim world that reduces global carbon emissions by 1% through a zero-inventory and anti-waste process.

Its product sizing is totally customisable to ensure you always find the perfect fit.

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Shop unspun.

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