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01 Oct

Which Brands Make Sustainable Period Underwear?

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If you’re here, chances are you’re considering ditching traditional period products like disposable pads and tampons. Maybe you’ve heard about the massive amounts of waste they create or have some concerns about how they might affect your body. Whatever the case may be, good on you for making the switch to more sustainable menstrual products.

While menstrual cups are all the rage and a fantastic option for many people, some of us may prefer the more familiar look and feel of period underwear. If you haven’t heard of period underwear before, think of it as a classic pair of undies with a sort of built-in reusable pad in the form of thicker, absorbent fabric in the crotch. It might sound weird at first, but trust us—it’s a game-changer for you and the planet.

You might be thinking, hang on, wouldn’t all period underwear be more sustainable since it removes the single-use element altogether? You make a good point—but there will always be brands doing better or worse for people, planet, and animals in their production. Don’t fret—we’ve done the research and come up with 13 brands for you: 7 to look into and 7 that still have work to do.

How to clean your period pants

Okay, before we dive into the brands, how the hell do you clean period pants?! It’s actually much simpler than you might expect. All you need to do is rinse them under cold water until it flows clear, then chuck them in a regular load of washing with like-colours in the delicates bag and hang to dry. Wild.

Sustainable period underwear

While most of these brands are rated “Great” or “Good”, we have included a couple of “It’s A Start” options, too. Everyone deserves a healthy and comfortable period, so if lower-rated brands better suit your size, budget, or location, then you shouldn’t feel guilty about buying them.

nat’v basics

Rated: Good
woman wearing black sustainable period underwear by nat'v basics

Comforts Leak Proof – Ships internationally from Australia

nat’v basics is an Australian underwear label. Made from recycled and more sustainable materials, nat’v basics pieces are designed to be the most comfortable basics you’ll ever wear. There are no frills or trims or awkward bits, so you can put them on and forget you’re wearing them! The Leak Proof undies are made from 95% GOTS certified organic cotton and are perfect on their own for light to moderate days or as backup on heavy days.

Find most items in sizes 8 to 16.

See the rating.

Shop nat’v basics.


Rated: Good
back view of model in full brief and front view of model in classic fit period underwear by Boody

Period and Leakproof Underwear Collection – Ships internationally from Australia

Boody’s latest Period and Leakproof Underwear sees its favourite Classic Fit and Full Briefs revamped. Keeping you protected from light leakage to heavy flows, it features four innovatively designed layers with a soft, gentle touch.

Using more responsible materials to create a naturally moisture-wicking, odour resistant and leak-proof barrier, and developed to fit and feel like normal underwear, find your solution to manage life’s leaks in sizes XS-3XL.

See the rating.

Shop Boody.

Shop Boody @ Immaculate Vegan.


Rated: Good
two women wearing pink lacy sustainable period proof underwear by Saalt

Leakproof Lace Hipster – Ships internationally from the US

Women-owned Saalt is a B-Corp certified brand that is on a mission to provide the highest quality period care products with the aim to use them for good. And who said more sustainable period underwear had to be boring? We love these pink lacy pants for a lighter flow.

Find the range in sizes XS-2XL.

See the rating.

Shop Saalt.


Rated: It's A Start
group of people wearing black sustainable period underwear by Wuka

WUKA Ultimate™ High Waist Super Heavy Flow – Ships internationally from the UK

WUKA is a British underwear brand that offers more sustainable and machine washable period pants. “WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and from the very beginning we have been passionate about smashing taboos and innovation in sustainability and menstrual health.” For those who need a bit of extra protection for a heavier flow, these high-waisted period-proof undies hold up to 60ml or 12 tampons worth.

Find the range inclusively sized from 2XS-6XL.

See the rating.

Shop WUKA.


Rated: Good
pregnant person wearing pink and black patterned eco-friendly period underwear by ModiBodi

Classic Boyshort – Ships internationally from Australia

Modibodi is an Australian brand that offers the original period and leak-proof underwear for everyone. For a pop of colour and a comfier fit, the classic boyshorts do the trick.

Find some products inclusively sized from 3XS-6XL.

See the rating.

Shop Modibodi.


Rated: It's A Start
person wearing black sustainable period boxer briefs by Aisle

Boxer Brief – Ships internationally from Canada

Aisle offers reusable alternatives to disposable pads and tampons, all with a modern twist. We love the brand for its diverse and inclusive language and models. For folks who menstruate and prefer the fit and feel of boxer briefs, Aisle has got you covered. It even includes a bonus absorbency booster that you tuck into the underwear for those extra heavy days.

Sizes XS-5XL are available.

See the rating.

Shop Aisle.

Brands that could do better

While the following brands have some work to do to achieve a higher rating, we still respect the work they are doing to destigmatise menstruation and hope they will work on their transparency, eco-friendly material use, and payment of a living wage.

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Editor's note

Feature image via Saalt, all other images via brands mentioned. Good On You publishes the world's most comprehensive ratings of fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet, and animals. Use our directory to search thousands of rated brands. This article lists brands rated "Good" and "Great" by Good On You’s comprehensive sustainability ratings system—and because highly rated period product brands are difficult to source, we may have also included "It’s A Start" brands in case they better meet your needs.

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