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30 Sep

Find Your Best Fit With These 6 Responsible Custom Fit Clothing Brands

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We went on the hunt for more sustainable custom fit clothing brands. Keep reading to discover six “Good” and “Great” rated brands that offer custom sizing.

Finding clothes that fit should be easy

The sustainable fashion industry is growing, yet it needs to catch up in the size inclusivity movement. For people who don’t fall into the fashion industry’s “standardised” sizing system, it can be hard to find clothes that fit and that are more sustainably and ethically made.

Size inclusivity shouldn’t be optional: all bodies are different, and everybody deserves to enjoy more sustainable fashion that aligns with their values, fits their figure, and is comfortable.

While there’s still a long way to go for more sustainable fashion to be truly size-inclusive, a number of conscious clothing brands are helping to tackle the issue—and custom sizing could be part of the solution. We all have items in our wardrobes that fit us according to the industry standards but don’t feel quite right. You know, the pair of jeans that’s a tad too short, the shirt with the sleeves that are a bit too long. Sadly, these items often don’t last long in our wardrobes.

Made-to-order fashion helps solve that issue by allowing you to customise your wardrobe in ways you can’t usually choose when buying a pre-made garment, like pant length, width, or stitching colours. Buying garments that really fit us helps ensure we keep them around for longer and, in turn, helps lower fashion waste.

To help you find your best fit, we went on the hunt for more sustainable custom fit clothing brands. Here are six “Good” and “Great” rated brands that offer custom sizing.

A note on size inclusivity

Good On You wants to help you find sustainable options that suit your needs. We share your frustration that sustainable fashion has too few size-inclusive options. Sustainable brands often lack an extended sizing range beyond 2XL, and when they do, they might provide limited options. In order for sustainable fashion to become more mainstream, it has to include everyone, and brands need to catch up or risk getting left behind. Until then, ethical brands offering custom sizing are a good option. Dipping into brands rated “It’s a Start” if they best meet your needs also works. Discover more about the importance of size inclusivity in fashion.

Our favourite responsible custom fit clothing brands


Rated: Great
image looking up at four people dressed in Unspun

unspun is an American brand, creating a denim world that reduces global carbon emissions by 1% through a zero-inventory and low-waste process. unspun’s custom jeans are made-to-order: you simply choose your fit and customise the details. Next, using the unspun app, take a 3D body scan that the brand will then use to design your jeans and make them unique to you. The result? No sizes, no fuss—just perfectly fitting jeans.

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Citizen Wolf

Rated: Good

Citizen Wolf uses revolutionary technology to give you high-quality custom-fit t-shirts. It’s so confident in its t-shirts that it guarantees they’ll be the best you’ve ever worn.

After capturing your customisations and size thanks to its Magic Fit® technology (a mix of statistics, natural language processing [NLP], Citizen Wolf’s experience, and machine learning), the brand hand makes each tee in Sydney from certified sustainable fabrics like cotton, hemp, and Merino wool milled in Melbourne. And if your item doesn’t fit perfectly, the brand offers free alterations, so there’s zero risk.

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Dressarte Paris

Rated: Good
custom sustainable design studio, Dressarte Paris.

Dressarte Paris is a custom-made clothing label that curates unique clothing for a worldwide clientele. It sources luxurious surplus and eco-friendly fabrics to create a wonderfully chic sustainable wardrobe. Its products are made-to-order, where you can choose from existing sizes or enter your measurements for a custom order that minimises textile waste and celebrates all sizes.

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Rated: Great
Asian woman wearing red sleeveless skivvy dress by A.BCH.

A.BCH is a Melbourne-based, Australian-made fashion label for individuals who care about garment provenance. It utilises renewable, organic, and recycled materials. The brand believes everybody should be able to wear A.BCH, and with in-house production and a hyper-local supply chain, it can alter or customise most garments to your needs. You just need to book a consultation on their website.

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Son of a Tailor

Rated: Great

Danish clothing-tech company Son of a Tailor offers custom fit t-shirts, sweatshirts, and knitwear, all made to order from the highest quality materials. Custom fit means you get garments perfectly fitted to you and only you. Son of a Tailor’s algorithm just needs your height, weight, age, and shoe size to create your perfect size. And if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the fit, get a free remake up to four months after purchase.

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Rated: Good
Someone in suit by Bastet Noir.

BASTET NOIR offers custom-made clothing manufactured by women in Macedonia, ensuring that every purchase contributes to the welfare and education of these women and their children. To get your clothes custom made, simply take your measurements or book a video call with the Bastet Noir team so they can help you out.

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