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29 Sep

7 Newly Rated Brands We’re Loving This September

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Discover September’s top newly rated brands, courtesy of the expert analysts behind our world-leading ratings methodology.

Discover the top rated brands from September

Brand ratings are the backbone of our mission at Good On You: to make shopping your values simpler. Since 2015, we have been uncovering brands doing harm and highlighting those doing good for people, the planet, and animals. You can download our app or check out the directory to discover the best brands for you. If you’re all about discovering new “Good” and “Great” brands from around the world to support, this roundup is for you.

This month, we’ve got seven newly rated brands for you coming out on top with “Good” ratings. There’s a French luxury jewellery brand, a Czech childrenswear brand, and a British alternative clothing brand, to name a few. Let’s take a look.

Atelier Lavoisier

Rated: Good

Atelier Lavoisier is a French high-end jewellery brand. It uses lab-grown diamonds to show that luxury does not have to come at a cost to the earth. The brand also uses some recycled materials, including people's old jewellery, to make new pieces.


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Rated: Good

CLOUDY is a Japanese clothing and accessories brand. It uses some lower-impact materials and local fabrics such as guinea grass for its baskets. CLOUDY has also built a sewing factory in Ghana, Africa, and 10% of the sales are used to support local communities.

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Rated: Good

UK-based PSYLO creates alternative clothing inspired by subcultures and diverse arts without compromising on sustainability. The brand upcycles its fabric waste by using them in its “Pecoa” style, a patchwork design created from leftover pieces of fabric. The smaller shreds of fabric that can’t be included in the designs are then sent to a local manufacturer that produces household necessities.

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Rated: Good

WACCOWACCO is a Japanese accessories label. The brand uses mostly upcycled materials, reusing heritage pieces to create new items. Vegan friends, note that no animal-derived materials are used to create the brand’s products.


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Rated: Good

Newbie is a Swedish childrenswear and babywear brand prioritising lower-impact and reclaimed fabrics. “We exist to make the future beautiful for generations to come,” says the brand.

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Rated: Good

FIL MELANGE is a Japanese brand that offers quality menswear and womenswear crafted with pride. All of the brand’s products are made in Japan, using lower-impact and plant based materials.

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Rated: Good

Czech brand Kitikate creates a beautiful and thoughtful range of baby and children’s items designed with fun, colour, and movement in mind.

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Editor's note

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