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26 May

6 Newly Rated Brands We’re Loving This May

Discover May’s top newly rated brands, courtesy of the expert analysts behind our world-leading ratings methodology.

Our favourite newly rated brands for May

Brand ratings are the backbone of our mission at Good On You: to make shopping your values simpler. Since 2015, we have been uncovering brands doing harm and highlighting those doing good for people, the planet, and animals. You can download our app or check out the directory to discover the best brands for you. If you’re all about discovering new “Good” and “Great” brands from around the world to support, this roundup is for you.

This month, we’ve got six newly rated brands for you coming out on top with “Good” ratings. There’s upcycled denim, party wear, and seaweed underwear, to name a few. Let’s take a look.

Flax and Loom

Rated: Good

After spending 40 years working in denim, Phil Wildbore, Flax and Loom’s founder, has seen how dark the denim industry can be. That’s why he decided to create Flax and Loom, a UK-based, more sustainable denim brand aiming to contribute to a slower, more conscious clothing movement. The brand even works with the Seam to help you repair your products so they last longer.

Find the items in sizes 24-34.

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Shop Flax and Loom.

Blue Of A Kind

Rated: Good

Blue Of A Kind is an Italian denim brand that upcycles vintage pieces to create unique jeans. The brand has a simple and disruptive recipe for contemporary fashion: applying traditional Italian sartorial expertise and cutting-edge design to existing products.

Find most of the items in sizes 24-34.

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Shop Blue Of A Kind.

Burnt Soul

Rated: Good

UK-based Burnt Soul specialises in vibrant party and festival wear designed for movement, with all pieces constructed much like activewear. The brand is all about dressing to express yourself and having fun with your outfits. It aims to bring you unique, confidence-boosting pieces that call to your inner wild child.

Find most pieces in sizes 4-22.

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Shop Burnt Soul.


Rated: Good

Esme is a US-based, wellness-centric brand that creates underwear made out of seaweed. Everything from knitting to dyeing, cutting and sewing, is made in one location in Portugal to fully support the community there and keep the footprint lower. The seaweed for the seaweed fibre is harvested responsibly and regeneratively in the Icelandic Fjords.

Find the underwear in sizes S-XL.

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Shop Esme.

Tomorrow Denim

Rated: Good

Launched in Copenhagen in 2018, Danish brand Tomorrow Denim is the world’s first denim brand certified by both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel. The brand’s mission is simple: to prove that great style and a sustainable mindset go hand in hand.

Find most items in sizes 34-42.

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Shop Tomorrow Denim.


Rated: Good

US-based SLVRLAKE draws inspiration from its hometown of Los Angeles, set against the diverse landscape of California. The brand is committed to using lower-impact materials and is on a mission to create timeless garments that are built to stand the test of time.

Find most pieces in sizes 23-32.

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Feature image via SLVRLAKE, all other images via brands mentioned. Good On You publishes the world’s most comprehensive ratings of fashion brands’ impact on people, the planet, and animals. Use our directory to search thousands of rated brands.

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