The Ultimate Sustainable and Ethical Christmas Guide: More than 50 Tips to Make the Holidays Matter

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Christmas is a time of giving.

We present gifts to one another and exchange season’s greetings with our neighbours, work colleagues, and friends. We dedicate time to our loved ones, and energy towards celebrating the end of another busy year and, for many of us, the rare occurrence of everyone being home at the same time! Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Cruelty-Free Hair & Skincare on a Budget

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When we talk about cruelty-free products, what we’re really saying is we don’t want any living creature to suffer to make us look good.  What that means in practice is choosing products that are vegan – i.e. they don’t contain any animal products at all. That’s the first problem solved.  But what if you’re on a tight budget? Never fear, here’s your ultimate guide to cruelty-free beauty. Read More

3 More Reasons To Ditch Fast Fashion

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By now we are well across all the many environmental and social ills that the developed world’s collective addiction to cheap, trendy fast fashion is fuelling. We know about the climate impacts, the human rights abuses, the pollution, the waste and the animal cruelty.  But it doesn’t stop there. Here are three more good reasons to ditch fast fashion to add to protecting the environment, garment workers and our furry friends. Read More

Is A Minimalist Wardrobe The Key To A Happier And More Sustainable Lifestyle?

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The perils of fast fashion are well known. Widespread water pollution through the use of cheap and toxic dyes, mountains of textile waste, the ubiquitous use of fossil fuel based materials such as polyester, the pressure on cotton farmers, the list goes on! Out of this chaos a trend is emerging that rejects all that – minimalism.  It’s time to ask – is a minimalist wardrobe the key to a happier and more sustainable life? Read More

7 Items You Need to Nail Trans-Seasonal Dressing!

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Whether spring has sprung where you are, or the autumn leaves are falling, it’s that time of year again when the weather can swing wildly from one day to another (and sometimes between morning and afternoon). Having a few trans-seasonal pieces in your wardrobe will help you respond to the elements while staying stylish and ethical. Here are some of our favourites. Read More

Living Sustainably As A Student

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For many of us, our student years are when we leave home for the first time and have full control of how we spend our money.  It’s also the time when many of us are trying to get by on a very tight budget. So how do we combine study with our desire to do the right thing by people, planet and animals? Here’s a quick guide. Read More

Awesome Alternatives To Single-Use Items

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As the world rapidly approaches 8 billion people, trying to squeeze 1.3 billion tonnes of annual waste (projected to soar to 4 billion tonnes by 2100) into overflowing landfills is no easy task. In fact a lot of our waste ends up in our environment where it can impact on wildlife and take thousands and thousands of years to break down. But we can all take steps to minimise the amount of waste we create, by swapping single-use items for ones that are more durable. Here’s how. Read More

6 Scandinavian Brands Doing Ethical In Style

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Scandinavia is known for its pure and minimalistic designs, aiming to improve everyday life with the modernist mantra ‘form follows function’. Scandinavian fashion often sticks to the same principles – simple yet beautiful.  But what about sustainable too? Here are six brands from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which are doing ethical, in style. Read More