6 Nifty Tricks for Removing Stains from Clothes

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We have all experienced the dreaded slow-motion moment of spilling something onto our favourite shirt or dress, then panicking about how to get the stain out and wondering if we have just ruined it forever. While it may seem hopeless as you watch the wine quickly spreading or the oil specks setting in – it’s not, and you don’t even need harsh chemicals to get the clothes looking good as new! Read More

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Everything You Need to Know to Nail Trans-Seasonal Dressing!

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Trans-seasonal dressing is the art of dressing for unpredictable weather and changing temperatures. The movement from strict summer and winter collections to a ‘trans-seasonal’ approach to fashion was originally driven by smaller, independent fashion labels. But this flexible approach to fashion is now being lauded by large labels and consumers alike and with good reason. Read More