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Everything You Need to Know to Nail Trans-Seasonal Dressing!

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Trans-seasonal dressing is the art of dressing for unpredictable weather and changing temperatures. The movement from strict summer and winter collections to a ‘trans-seasonal’ approach to fashion was originally driven by smaller, independent fashion labels. But this flexible approach to fashion is now being lauded by large labels and consumers alike and with good reason. Read More

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Fashion and the War on Waste

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If you were asked to think about garbage and waste you would likely conjure up images of smelly food scraps in the bin or rubbish lying on the ground. You’re not likely to think about a pile of discarded clothes let alone the under-used clothes in your wardrobe. And when we buy a new dress or pair of shoes, we’re unlikely to focus on where and when we’ll be throwing them out once we get sick of them. And yet, fashion is one of the world’s fastest growing waste problems. Read More