Tips for the Easter Bunny: A Guide to Ethical Easter Eggs

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A trip down the now colourful foil-filled aisles of the supermarket is all we need to remind ourselves that Easter is now upon us. But with all these delicious offerings at our fingertips, how can we pick the eggs and hot-cross buns that will satisfy our taste buds and our values, without the hassle? We’ve brought together the advice from a handful of good eggs – you’ll be pleased to know there’s many options for a ‘better choice’ Easter at your local store.

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Professional ethical clothes

New to the Office? Ethical Clothing for the Young Professional

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I am, what I call, a baby lawyer. Just over two years out of law school, entering my third year in a big girl job at a big city law firm.  Like many who have come before me, I started out with a cheerful smile, an empty bank account, and a hefty student loan. But here is the problem with grown up jobs: you need to look, as well as act the part. Read More


Capsule Wardrobes: How to Build a Sustainable Closet for Life

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Have you ever pulled open the doors of your wardrobe, only to find yourself muttering (or groaning loudly) that you have nothing to wear? Yes, so have I. At this point it can be tempting to rush out and buy something new, fun and affordable. But if it’s this kind of quick-fix buying that leads to the ‘nothing to wear’ dilemma in the first place, then we’re just running in circles. Read More


Consumer or Citizen? How We Gain The Power To Change The World

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A few years ago it struck me – I am complicit with modern-day slavery and serious environmental destruction. I had been campaigning against the insidious crime of sex trafficking when I found myself chatting with two passionate campaigners at a pop-up shop in London. They told me about the children picking my cotton in Uzbekistan and the widespread impact of pesticide runoff in India. Read More