Rana Plaza – the Day the Fashion World Changed

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When an eight-story building collapsed in Dhaka three years ago, killing 1138 garment workers, we all felt uncomfortable. All of a sudden the clothes we had on took a different form. The soft fabric against our skin became heavy, itchy; suffocating. Because while we watched limp, sooty figures being carried from the rubble, we realised that there were faces, families and stories woven into what we wear. All of a sudden we were asking, who made my clothes? Read More


Consumer or Citizen? How We Gain The Power To Change The World

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A few years ago it struck me – I am complicit with modern-day slavery and serious environmental destruction. I had been campaigning against the insidious crime of sex trafficking when I found myself chatting with two passionate campaigners at a pop-up shop in London. They told me about the children picking my cotton in Uzbekistan and the widespread impact of pesticide runoff in India. Read More