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Material Guide: How Ethical is Denim?

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From the catwalk to the countryside, ranging in price from $10 to over $500, from pants to skirts, to jackets, denim is as versatile as it is hardy. But with over 2 billion pairs of jeans produced worldwide each year, just how sustainable is our beloved blue fabric?

We traced its journey from the humble cotton seed to your favourite pair of high-waisted shorts to find out.

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Material Guide: How Ethical is Tencel?

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Have you ever been browsing for conscious clothing and stumbled across some pretty strange terminology? This can be especially frustrating if you’re trying to figure out what material something is made from, and it’s something you’ve never heard of before!

One such potential stumbling block is Tencel – so we’ve put together a cheatsheet to help demystify this fabric and put the power back in your hands. Read More


Material Guide: How Ethical Is Cotton?

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It’s the light breathable fabric that keeps your skin cool in summer, flutters flirtingly in the breeze, and keeps your sheets silky smooth. If you’ve used a cotton product today chances are you’re in league with the rest of us, who use cotton on a daily basis. Cotton may have done a lot to clean up its image since it’s colonial days as the crop that launched a thousand slaves  (or, if we’re being precise, 1.8 million) to the American cotton fields, but how much has actually changed?

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Material Guide: How Ethical is Angora?

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As winter approaches it’s time to pull out your favourite socks, scarves and gloves to get nice and cozy. We all know the drill: great knitwear needs to be warm, snug, stylish and silky soft. In order to achieve this end, a lot of designers turn to angora for the super soft warmness we all know and love. At Good On You, we love a warm jumper as much as the next person. But is all angora created equally? Can Angora really be ethical?

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Material Guide: How Ethical is Polyester?

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Updated 14/6/16

Many of us don’t put much thought into the materials that our clothes are made from beyond those generic descriptions, like, ‘soft’, ‘stretchy’, or ‘delicate’. When looking at labels it doesn’t take a magnifying glass to notice that one fabric comes up more than most: polyester.

Considering its prevalence it is important to know exactly what you’ve got rubbing against your skin.

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