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6 Ethical Alternatives to GAP

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Founded in 1969 in California, fast fashion giant Gap Inc now has 4000 stores worldwide. Over the decades Gap has built its name as an American favourite and go-to for reliable, fashionable and affordable clothing. Unfortunately, Gap has resisted taking meaningful measures to improve its impact on people, the planet and animals. Read More

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No More Secrets: 6 Ethical Lingerie Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret

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Victoria’s Secret is the largest retailer of women’s lingerie in the United States. Aided by celebrity endorsements and the famous annual Fashion Show, the brand’s revenue continues to soar. But if you’re on the hunt for ethical lingerie, you may want to look elsewhere. Behind the lace, glitz, glamor and parties lie darker truths that aren’t so alluring. Read More


Homegrown Brands for Every Occasion: American Made Ethical Fashion

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There’s a lot to be said for buying homegrown, or should we say home-sewn fashion. When you support brands that design and make their clothes in America, the number of miles your clothing has to travel, from farm to factory to you is shorter, reducing your overall carbon footprint. Plus you’ll be helping create local jobs, boosting economies around the country.
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