Our Purpose

Our shopping choices have a huge impact on how businesses treat people, the planet and animals. So we created the Good On You app to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to shop to their values.

We’re a diverse and passionate team, but we share one purpose: to create a world where people’s shopping choices drive businesses to be sustainable and fair.

There are millions of people around the world who believe in our vision for a better future. Imagine the real change we can create together.

Our Story

Back in 2013 we started talking to people who wanted to buy ‘better’ but didn’t know how. They told us it was too hard to find information about how a brand performed on the issues they care about. So we began building tools to bring this information together in one place in ways that people could easily use.

First we created a way to rate any brand based on publicly available information including independent certifications and rankings, and credible information published by brands, the media and NGOs.

Next we learnt that shoppers need more that just a list of which brands are more or less ethical. People need practical options when they shop – like the ability to discover similar brands that match their preferences for style but also do better on the issues they care about.

In 2015 we launched the Good On You app in Australia. Within 8 days over 10,000 people had downloaded the app, and we knew we had created something that would help many people act on their desire to make a difference when they shop.

The free Good On You app is now available for iOS and Android.

Good On You Team - About Us

Our Team

Gordon Renouf, CEO & Co-Founder, has been a consumer advocate for 30 years including as head of Campaigns at CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer organization, and a Board member of Consumers International.

Sandra Capponi, Co-Founder & Head of Development, is a seasoned business professional with expertise is Corporate Social Responsibility, supply chains, branding and strategy.

Fayçal Fassi-Fihri, Co-Founder & Advisory Board, has launched start-ups in Europe, the US, Africa and Australia and held executive roles in the mobile and web industries

Ali Misradeghi, Head of Technology, is a qualified data engineer and experienced tech project manager.

Bethany Noble, Head of Marketing, is an experienced marketer, writer and PR professional.

Will Farrier, Head of Product Managment, is a journalist turned product manager with a focus on human-centric design solutions for social issues.

Celine Massa, Head of Ratings, is an experienced NGO campaigner and environmental scientist.

Kendall Benton-Collins, Head of Content, is an ethical fashion advocate, blogger and member of the Australia/New Zealand Working Group for Fashion Revolution.

Kelsey Hendrikson, Head of Sales, has a background in market research and runs her own yoga studio.

The Good On You community

We’re building a community of millions of people who want to change the world through their shopping choices. Here’s what you can do to help.

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