9 Ethical Instagrammers We Love

You know we love a good fashion Instagram account point blank, but we’re especially thrilled whenever we stumble across one with a focus on sustainable, ethical fashion.

A fortnight ago we launched the Good On You app, and as we continue busily researching brands to add to our ratings, nothing inspires us to keep doing what we do like others on the same mission. Read on for a round-up of some of our favourite ethical fashion Instagram accounts.

1. Shift Style

A woman in navy wears ethical silver jewellery sitting on a chair

This Brisbane-based blogger showcases products and brands that are helping the industry make that “shift” towards more sustainable living. We’re with you, girl!

2. Trash Is For Tossers

A woman holds up a glass jar and an empty olive oil can with rows of jars behind her

If you’re trying to step up your resourcefulness game, Simply Co.’s founder, Lauren, is queen of the zero waste lifestyle.

3. The Helm Fashion Agency

Two women on rocks at the ocean, one holds a net

This Aussie crew works with stunning ethical brands to help spread the word about their products and cause, making it easy to discover new labels with some basic Instagram stalking.

4. Green With Me

A woman with pink pants and a white top pushes a bicycle that has flowers in the basket

A one-stop shop for sustainable news and eco-friendly updates, this ethical blogger’s account will keep you mindful of your impact on people and the planet.

5. Undress Runways

A model on the catwalk wears a short blue dress and a blue and white coat

As you may have read, we had a blast at the last Undress Runways show in Sydney! Follow their account to discover chic, sustainable Aussie brands and get the heads up on the next round of shows.

6. Fashion Revolution

The fashion revolution logo superimposed on an image of protesting south Asian garment workers

The Who Made My Clothes? campaign happens every April 24th, but the Fashion Revolution account inspires us to ask the question year round.

7. Clean Cut Fashion

A south Asian garment worker mixes blue pigment poweder in a tin while covering her mouth

This awesome organisation is helping shape the future of the Australian fashion industry by educating others on ethical and sustainable business practices, and keeping the scene connected to the global developments in ethical fashion.

8. Eco Warrior Princess

A model wears many bracelets and necklaces and one large earring
The stylish Jennifer Nini is living proof that you can lead a sustainable yet fashionable lifestyle. Trust us; her Instagram will inspire you to go green in every area you can.

9. Sustainability in Style

A woman in a floppy hat smiles in the forest while holding on to a tree

Environmental scientist Katie used to work in the fashion industry, but now focuses on helping others create an ethical wardrobe and minimise waste while expressing their own unique style.

Which ethical fashion Instagrammers are a must-follow for you? Let us know in the comments below so we can check them out!


Julia McAlpine is a freelance copywriter and editor born in sunny California and based in equally sunny Sydney. She can’t pass a bookstore without browsing, and drinks far more coffee than the recommended daily intake. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram as @inkandmoon

Feature image via Eco Warrior Princess

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