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04 Dec

9 Things to Know in Sustainable Fashion in December

Every month, the Good On You team scours the internet, so you can have easy access to the ethical and sustainable fashion news that matters. Here’s everything you need to know this month.

In the know

OECD Investigates SHEIN in France (Fashion Network)

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has initiated an inquiry into the social and environmental practices of SHEIN in the French market, reports Fashion Network. Triggered by a referral from French MPs, the investigation will look at eight issues, “starting with whether SHEIN respects local law in producing and selling its products in France (including labour law), and whether its activity meets duty of vigilance requirements,” says Fashion Network.

Advancing Post-Consumer Textile Recycling: Emerging Technologies Shaping Sustainable Fashion (Fibre2Fashion)

Fibre2Fashion explores the transformative role of cutting-edge recycling technologies in post-consumer textile recycling, including the potential of closed-loop systems, offering a glimpse into the promising evolution of sustainable practices in fashion.

Workers for Fast Fashion Brands Fear Starvation as They Fight for Higher Wages (The Guardian)

The Guardian reports on the plight of garment workers in Bangladesh, producing clothing for UK high-street brands, who express concerns over plans to increase their monthly pay to £92. Workers argue that this amount is insufficient to meet basic survival needs, leading some to steal and scavenge for food in fields and bins to feed their families. The protests persist as these garment workers demand a minimum wage that ensures their families are not pushed into starvation, underscoring the challenging conditions faced by millions in the industry.

Fast Fashion: Boohoo Breaks Promises on Ethical Overhaul (BBC)

A BBC Panorama investigation uncovers that fast fashion giant Boohoo has failed to uphold its promises of improving clothing production practices. An undercover reporter stationed at Boohoo’s Manchester headquarters witnessed staff exerting pressure on suppliers to lower prices, even after establishing agreements.

Why You Should Buy Clothes to Last (Almost) Forever (The Washington Post)

The Washington Post explores the benefits of opting for long-lasting fashion choices. Instead of succumbing to the allure of immediate upgrades or discounts, the article urges us to consider the lasting impacts of our clothing choices. It provides insights on discerning if a garment can endure for a decade or even longer, emphasising the value of building a wardrobe that lasts beyond fleeting trends.

SHEIN Is the Fast Fashion Juggernaut That’s Only Getting Bigger—Its Rise Should Concern Us All (The Independent)

For the Independent, writer Olivia Petter examines the rapid rise of SHEIN, the Chinese-founded retailer notorious for selling complete outfits for less than £10. SHEIN’s global expansion, including its recent acquisition of Missguided, raises concerns about the potential setback it could inflict on efforts to combat the environmental impact of fast fashion. Petter delves into the implications of SHEIN’s growth and its possible consequences for sustainability in the industry.

It’s Time to Break up With Fast Fashion (Vox)

Vox delves into the moral complexities of fashion choices, emphasising the need to shift away from fast fashion. “Clothing isn’t frivolous. It’s something that touches every human being on the planet,” said JD Shadel, editor-at-large at Good On You, to Vox. “I don’t think we have a right to transgress the human rights of other individuals for our own stylishness. Fast fashion has sold us the lie that to be a whole person, we need more cheap clothes, and that’s not true.”

‘Good’ and ‘Great’ news

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LVRSustainable Collaborates with Oxfam for Women’s Economic Growth Mentorship Campaign

From November 29th 2023 to February 1st 2024, LVRSustainable by LuisaViaRoma embarks on a partnership with Oxfam to support women’s economic growth mentorship programs. This initiative aims to foster female entrepreneurship, bring business ideas to life, and launch impactful initiatives. With each LVRSustainable purchase, customers contribute to one hour of economic growth mentorship for women. The campaign, extending beyond individual empowerment, advocates for a fashion industry that supports both environmental initiatives and the empowerment of women.

Swedish Activewear Brand Tripulse Features in New Circular Economy Book

The founder of “Great” rated activewear brand Tripulse, Franziska Mesche, has contributed to the recently published book Circular Economy: New Solutions for a Better Tomorrow, using Tripulse as a case study and representing circular models in the fashion industry. This book is not only filled with carefully curated hands-on knowledge about the circular economy, but also backed up with incredible case studies of actual companies from various industries that are implementing circular business models. “One of my biggest motivations of doing business is using business as a force for good and as a driver for positive change—and finding new, better ways that will benefit our planet, people, and the economy. Being part of this book together with lots of other inspiring individuals and changemakers, I feel deeply humbled and thankful”, shares Mesche.


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