5 Ethical Boots to Survive Winter In

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Winter is here, and we’re on the hunt for stylish, ethical boots to keep us warm and dry. We know that several things are essential for winter boots: comfort, warmth, sustainability and waterproofing.

But with so many options available, where to start? Do you get classic black knee-highs or sunny yellow gumboots? And what about the material? Should you go for leather, which is stylish and durable but takes a toll on the environment and animals, or should you choose synthetic materials some of which can also pollute the planet?

We’ve put together a list of our favourite brands to protect your toes from the elements. With a variety of companies that focus on different issues, you’ll definitely find something to stop you from getting cold feet this winter!

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Material Guide: How Ethical is Angora?

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As winter approaches it’s time to pull out your favourite socks, scarves and gloves to get nice and cozy. We all know the drill: great knitwear needs to be warm, snug, stylish and silky soft. In order to achieve this end, a lot of designers turn to angora for the super soft warmness we all know and love. At Good On You, we love a warm jumper as much as the next person. But is all angora created equally? Can Angora really be ethical?

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