Capturing The Joy Of Childhood With Oobi

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Happy. Fun. Playful. Colourful. Ethical. Charitable. These are just some of the words that spell out what the kids label Oobi, is all about.

Dressing girls from newborn to age twelve, Oobi’s outfits are sugary sweet creations made from signature hand-printed cotton fabrics.

Vintage inspired shapes and styles are crafted in playful prints, from florals to spots and even fruits. Delightful details of bows, ruffles and love heart-shaped pockets add an extra pinch of sweetness to each piece.

Jemima Set Pink Watermelon || Ships Internationally

Let them be little

Fashionable for even the busiest of bees, Oobi’s designs are made for movement. Designer Alexandra Riggs knows a thing or two about clothing kids that are always on the go!

High quality and construction is a top priority for Oobi to ensure that your little ones can get the most out of their clothes. Longevity and sustainability are always in mind.

Tee Shirt Dress Blue Watermelon || Ships internationally

Making the world a brighter place for little ones doing it tough

Oobi’s philosophy is about believing that kids from all backgrounds deserve to experience that truly wide-eyed and childlike sort of happiness.

Since 2012, for every piece sold the brand pledges to donate a little piece of Oobi ‘magic’ to a child in need. With the help of Good360, Oobi has donated to 136 individual charities.


Roxie Romper Pink Lemonade || Ships Internationally

It takes a whole village

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. And it takes a whole team of artisans and craftspeople to make Oobi’s delightful designs. From the handmade wooden blocks used to screenprint Oobi’s signature patterns to the makers and sewers, Oobi’s manufacturing process is a job for many hands where the skills of each truly shine.

Ethical manufacturing is achieved through respectfulness and a mutual appreciation of each component that goes into the making of Oobi’s products.


Tropics Dress Pink Lemonade || Ships Internationally

Empowering a future generation of women

Fostering a genuine happiness and confidence in young girls – the women of the future – underpins the main objective for Oobi.

Oobi is constantly motivated by a strong community of Mums (who are all secretly wishing Oobi made adult sizes). Together sharing in the same passion for whimsy and the empowerment of young girls.

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