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15 Jun

5 Ethical Insta Influencers You Should Know About

The rise of the slow fashion movement, coupled with a growing public awareness of environmental issues has seen an increase in ethical bloggers and influencers on Instagram. These influencers are not just looking to make money through promoting brands, they care about the planet, they are passionate about ethical living and sustainability, and they are playing a key role in the promotion and growth of the slow fashion and slow living movements.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration to take on plastic-free July, or simply want to incorporate some more stylish and sustainable items into your wardrobe, here is our pick of five ethical insta influencers we think you should know about:

1. My Green Closet @verenaerin

Erin of My Green Closet is passionate about sustainable, ethical fashion, and conscious style and living. Through her Youtube Channel and Instagram account, the Canadian national promotes eco-friendly fashion and capsule wardrobes, as well as natural beauty products, minimalism, and living more consciously. A strong advocate for conscious consumerism, it was through her own experiences while studying for a degree in fashion design, that Erin came to realise the destructive nature of the fashion industry, and resolved to be a part of working toward a kinder, more ethical industry. We think she is doing a great job.

2. Clare Press @mrspress

Clare Press is best known as the author of ‘Wardrobe crisis: How we went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion’ and more recently, as the presenter of Wardrobe Crisis, a podcast spinoff from the book which shines a light on the dark side of the fashion industry, and explores the history and ethics behind what we wear. Clare is a passionate advocate for ethical fashion and sustainability, and this year was appointed Australian Vogue’s Sustainability Editor-at-large, taking on the important role of ensuring Vogue Australia maintains an environmental focus going forward.

3. Laura Wells @iamlaurawells

Laura Wells is an environmentalist slash model, whose passion for the environment and love of the ocean has led her to become a positive role model, advocate and ambassador for change. Laura regularly uses social media as a platform to promote social and environmental awareness, and she has worked on campaigns with Greenpeace, 1 Million Women, and WWF Australia.

4. Kathleen of @consciousnchic

Kathleen aka Kat aka @consciousnchic has been sharing her knowledge and passion for sustainable fashion and slower living via her blog and Instagram account since 2009. Originally from Montreal but now residing in the US, Kat’s dedication to social justice and issues such as human trafficking and issues facing women around the world sets her apart from other Instagram influencers and bloggers. Follow Kat for daily doses of inspiring quotes, and seriously stylish (and ethical) outfits.

5. Plastic free mermaid @plasticfreemermaid

Last but definitely not least, Kate Nelson, also known as @plasticfreemermaid in the Instagram world, is an ethical influencer who really does practice what she preaches and has amassed a very large following while doing so. Nelson is a passionate environmentalist and ocean lover, and has been proudly disposable plastic free for almost ten years. In addition to regularly using Instagram as a platform to raise social awareness around the issues currently facing our oceans, Nelson has a website, through which she shares numerous inspiring plastic-free tips and tricks, and plenty of DIY recipes for everything from vegan banana bread to homemade mascara.

So there you have it, five inspiring ladies from all around the world using social media as a positive means of creating awareness and driving social change.         

Do you have a favourite ethical influencer or blog we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

Editor's note

Featured Image on Unsplash. Images courtesy of influencers mentioned.

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