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Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.
26 Jun
Someone in a black and white stylish outfit sitting on a red brick stoop and reading a newspaper.

News Edit 26th June: Textile Workers Killed in Casablanca Factory Collapse, Fashion Lagging in Circularity, Sustainability Rules Worrying the Industry

Every week, the Good On You team scours the internet, so you can have easy access to the ethical and sustainable fashion news that matters. Here’s everything you need to know this week.

In the know

Six Workers Killed in Casablanca Factory Collapse

The tragic collapse of sections of a building housing a textile factory in Casablanca, Morocco led to the death of six workers on June 8th in the Tit Mellil industrial zone, reports Atle Høie of IndustriALL.

The Fashion Industry Is Lagging When It Comes to Circularity

As Fashion United reports, “despite the pressing need for action, clothing manufacturers continue to prioritize flooding the market with more products while resorting to incineration as a means of disposing of unsold inventory, rather than finding alternative uses.”

Explainer: Why New Sustainability Rules Are Worrying the Fashion Industry

Europe’s fashion councils are lobbying to influence EU plans to make the industry more sustainable, according to Business of Fashion. But in its first position paper the European Fashion Alliance “warned some proposed regulations could dent the industry’s competitiveness and stifle creativity.”

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