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Material Guide: How Ethical is Polyester?

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Many of us don’t put much thought into the materials that our clothes are made from beyond those generic descriptions, like, ‘soft’, ‘stretchy’, or ‘delicate’. When looking at labels it doesn’t take a magnifying glass to notice that one fabric comes up more than most: polyester. Considering its prevalence it is important to know exactly what you’ve got rubbing against your skin. Read More

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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Clothing Swap

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A few weekends ago, I turned up at my friend’s apartment with a plate of homemade chai biscuits, a yoga mat, and a tote bag of assorted dresses that had never quite suited me. This visual is novel on all accounts; I’m not much of a baker, I can tally the number of times I’ve practised yoga on one hand, and I’d never participated in what was to be the highlight of our Girls’ Day – a clothing swap. Read More

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Fair trade gifts and shopping guide

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Most of us are familiar with Fair Trade coffee and chocolate; an easy alternative for two important necessities. But what does Fair Trade actually mean, and how can you shop clothing, sporting equipment, jewellery and food?

Put simply, Fair Trade cares about the planet and its people. Small-scale farmers and artisans who make the products are given a fair wage and decent working conditions, and products are grown sustainably and are free from child labour.

Purchasing Fair Trade certified products means you’re helping communities and individuals in the developing world to be sustainable, not relying on development and aid. This means communities can focus on things that are important to their ongoing development, like education, sanitation and feeding their families.

Here are some ideas for fair trade gifts to make this Christmas fairer for everyone!

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