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5 Ethical Little Black Dresses For Any Occasion

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True sustainable fashion rejects fleeting trends in favour of timeless pieces – and what could be more timeless than the LBD (Little Black Dress)? Dress it up or down, for work or play, the LBD has been a wardrobe staple ever since Coco Chanel first showed a range of plain black dresses in 1926.  So in celebration of a the style that never gets old, here are our top five ethical LBDs for any occasion.

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Emma Watson x Vogue: Dressing An Ethical Fashion Icon

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When Vogue Australia invited actor, activist and ethical fashion pioneer Emma Watson to guest-edit their March edition, she had a question. How could she be sure the brands she was showcasing lived up to her standards of sustainability and ethical sourcing? That’s when she got in touch with Good On You. The result? A very special collaboration between us and one of the leading lights of sustainable fashion.   

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Three models wearing Kmart clothing

How Ethical is Kmart?

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Kmart is one of the most popular discount department stores in Australia. While there’s no denying Kmart is a quick and convenient go-to for clothing, we have to ask ourselves if affordability and availability trump ethical considerations. As ethical consumers, we have the right to know how a brand treats the earth and its inhabitants before we decide on our purchases. So, how does Kmart rate? Read More

6 Fake ‘Facts’ about the Fashion Industry

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The great news is that in 2018 we have access to more reliable, robust and in-depth knowledge on the fashion industry than ever before. That doesn’t mean you should stop using your ability to think critically and look for reputable sources to back up those shocking facts and figures you read about! Here are 6 persistent statements about fashion, that you’re probably familiar with, that deserve a closer look. Read More