Let's Promote Ethical Fashion Together!

Connect to conscious shoppers around the world

Let's Promote Ethical Fashion Together!

Connect to conscious shoppers around the world

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Gain brand awareness and exposure

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Build recognition as a sustainability leader

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Generate increased sales

Share your story

Instagram Post

Reach 30,000+ engaged followers

USD $100

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Newsletter Spotlight

Reach 97,000+ subscribers

USD $200

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Sponsored Article

Engage 100,000+ app users, followers and subscribers

USD $400

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Promote your ethical products

In App Offers

Offer exclusive discounts to targeted users–includes newsletter & social media promos

USD $100 + 10% commission

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Affiliate Marketing

Boost traffic and sales with low cost affiliate links

Commission set by partner

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Double Your Impact

Combine a sponsored article with an in-app offer


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Read what people are saying

The offer that Good On You featured generated a 5x return over 6 weeks, and brought thousands of visitors to our site.

Yana Barankin

Founder of TAMGA Designs

I would put money on a Good On You campaign any time compared to other marketing channels

Cynthia Cheong

 Founder of My Fair Baby

Good On You is one of Bhumi’s best referral sources of traffic

Vinita Baravkar

Founder of Bhumi Organic Cotton

Good On You has introduced Boody to hundreds of happy new customers

Shaun Greenbloo

General Manager, Boody

We’re so happy to be affiliated with Good On You

Courtney Holm

Founder, A.BCH

For ethical brands only!

Promotion through Good On You is available to brands that have been rated “Good” or “Great”.

For more information about Good On You ratings and how to have your brand rated on our app follow this link.

Or for any other enquiries contact us on sales@goodonyou.eco