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Undress - Rachel Caessar

Shine those vegan leather shoes, and press your organic cotton shirts because ladies and gentlemen, ethical fashion is hitting a runway near you.

We caught up with Edda who founded Undress Runway and find out who her favourite ethical labels are, how she hopes to influence the Australian fashion landscape and what she thinks the future of ethical fashion in Australia looks like.

What is Undress Runways?

Undress Runways is a sustainable fashion runway show that showcases designers who create sustainable and ethical fashion collections.

What do you hope to achieve with the event?

I hope to show people that you can look however you would like to look and still be sustainable. People often think that sustainability is a style, but it is simply an ethical production process – a way to create clothes with the environment and human rights in mind. Sustainable fashion comes in every style under the sun.

Who are your favourite ethical and sustainable designers in Australia?

VIHN is my favourite, haha – that’s my own label though! I love Alice Nightingale swimwear, The Great Beyond, SAINT Collective and Rachael Cassar.

Why did you start these events?

Initially, I just went out on a limb and decided to do a runway show for fun. It was a huge success and I loved the atmosphere it created – it’s a great space to communicate a message. I wanted to do something socially responsible so I did some research and discovered sustainable fashion. No one was really talking about it so I decided to take it on.

How have you seen the ethical and sustainable fashion space change in the last few years in Australia?

Awareness has grown! There are a lot more information resources online about what sustainable fashion actually is. Celebrities are championing the movement and designers are starting to design more responsibly.

What do you see for the future of ethical fashion?

It will become default. Wearing unsustainable fashion will be like buying cage eggs – only for losers.

Undress Runway

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@thefashionheist Our opening for the 2015
runway with the stunning

Undress - 2

@prophetikby Jeff Garner from the
U.S. shot by

Tickets are still available for Sydney and Melbourne shows!

Featured image: Rachael Baskerville Finale

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