Grove & Bay Is Bringing You Affordable Sustainable Style

Grove & Bay believes that a well-made product has the power to change the world. This online marketplace is helping shoppers make more sustainable clothing choices, starting with clothes people will love at prices they can afford.  

From little things, big things grow…

Grove and Bay LogoWhen the Founder of Grove & Bay, Chris Welch, sat down at his computer one weekend to find a pair of sustainable socks, he had no idea that this was the start of a whole new adventure.

“Little did I know what I was getting into,” Chris explains, “After spending a whole Saturday trying to figure out what it means for clothes to be sustainable and ethical – I walked away with even more questions, and feeling unsure whether I made a good choice.”

When his chosen pair of socks finally did arrive, Chris was unhappy with the quality and the fit. Rather than giving up, however, Chris allowed his dissatisfaction to propel him on a journey to find brands that care about all aspects of how their clothes are made – the design, the workers, and their impact on the environment.

“Grove & Bay is the result of this journey. We’re bringing together some of the best brands in the world to make shopping for sustainable clothes easier and more affordable.”

Shopping that’s simple, sustainable and affordable

Chris and his team think it’s way too hard to find or buy well-made clothing. “That’s how fast fashion perpetrated one of the most destructive shifts in consumer behavior since we started putting gas in cars. Willful ignorance resulted in decades of exploitation, death and environmental destruction.”

“I also believe that being a consumer should be easy, but consumerism is a responsibility,” argues Chris. “There are hundreds of brands around the world designing and creating well-made clothing. They’re too hard to find. Grove & Bay is built on the idea that consumers will buy from these incredible brands if it’s simple and affordable.”

To make your online shopping experience as seamless as possible, Grove & Bay have a world class virtual fitting room to help you find the right fit before you buy.  But, if it turns out they don’t like it for any reason, you can return their products within a month using their resealable packaging and pre-paid return label. Grove & Bay’s first collection of casual basics will range from USD$12 – $120 for men and women.

Here are my top 5 finds on Grove & Bay:

Cap Sleeve Crew in Asphalt by Alternative Apparel {{alt_gif}}

Alternative Apparel at Grove & Bay

Alternative Apparel creates basics for both men and women in light-weight eco-friendly fabrics made from organic cotton and recycled materials. If you love that soft vintage lived-in feel, then this might just be the brand for you!

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Grey Leaves Dress by Passion Lilie GoY-Ratings_4pt9Passion Lilie PicMonkey Collage

Passion Lilie has a robust strategy in place to reduce waste across their entire supply chain. This includes reusing surplus materials and minimizing packaging. I love the combination of the angular neckline with the soft botanical print! This dress was designed in New Orleans and made in India under fair trade conditions.

Organic Cotton Underwear by Etiko GoY-Ratings_4pt9
Etiko PicMonkey Collage

There’s nothing quite like underwear that’s cute and comfortable! Etiko’s range of men’s and women’s underwear is completely organic and fair trade. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Etiko were the recipient of the 2016 Human Rights Award for business.

Theadora Tank Top by Threads 4 Thought GoY-Ratings_4Threads 4 Thought PicMonkey Collage

Threads 4 Thought employs manufacturers who are either Fairtrade certified or WRAP certified. This versatile tank top is made from a soft blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. You can pair this top with shorts for a casual look or with jeans and heels for a night out.

Scattered Pebble Bracelet in Sunset and Turquoise by Faire Collection GoY-Ratings_4
Faire Collection PicMonkey Collage

Faire Collection creates fair trade jewelry from a range of sustainable materials. They also use low energy manual processes to minimize their footprint. This bracelet’s luscious hues will lend your outfit (and your day) a pop of colour. Artisans have crafted this bracelet from Tagua nut, which is also known as vegan ivory.

Doing the hard work for you

So far, Grove & Bay have researched over 1,200 brands and each product they carry is clearly labelled with their own Transparency Guide. The team evaluates every product against a 14-point buying checklist that considers its impact on People, Planet, and Animals. “Each product needs to meet at least one of the criteria, and we work really hard to find the most sustainable options available,” explains Chris.


For Grove & Bay, being a sustainable business also means considering their own company operations and what happens to the products they sell after they’re shipped.

“Our office uses renewable energy and recycles, and we’re committed to paying all our team members a living wage,” says Chris, “We also try to minimize our environmental impact on shipping products to our customers by using reusable packaging made from recycled materials, and we purchase carbon offsets for our consumer shipments.”


Visit Grove & Bay to see their entire collection of clothing and accessories for both men and women.

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Images via Grove & Bay

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