Promote you ethical boutique

The Good On You app provides promotional opportunities for shopfront retailers who stock fashion brands that have been rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ by Good On You.

Our mission is to help shoppers make consumer choices that are better for people, the planet and animals. Providing exposure to brands that do better than others is a key part of how we create positive social impact.

For you, as a retailer of more ethical brands, our goal is to increase the number of people who are aware of your brand, visit your store and choose your products in preference to less ethical alternatives.

For Good On You app users, our goal is to make is as easy as possible to find and purchase the products that align with their values.

Specific benefits

  • increased traffic to your store
  • increased newsletter sign ups
  • increased sales
  • increased awareness of your store and the ethical brands you sell


Promotional Options for Shopfront Retailers

    1. Promote your store based on user location via the Good on You app, on a pay per click basis.
    2. Promote a special offer or discount on the Good On You app.
    3. Promote your store as a stockist of ethical brands with a Strut Card.
    4. Promote your store through the app news feed + Good On You blog + social media.


 Location Based Offers – How They Work

    1. If you want to promote your store but don’t want to make a discount offer you can pay to be listed as the first retailer of a particular brand when a user is physically with a certain KM radius of your store.
    2. We will charge you a minimum fee (which will include set up, an app news feed item about your store)
    3. Users who are located within the agreed distance from your store (or one of your stores) will see your store details on brand pages, and your store page.
    4. At the end of the campaign we report results and invoice you for the agreed fee.


Discount Offers – How They Work

  1. Determine the offer you wish to list – eg 25% off all Brand X– and provide us with the details.
  2. You can list one or more brands separately (encouraged) or just list your store.
  3. Users see the offer on brand pages, your retailer page (with your store location information) and the offers page.
  4. Users show the Good on You app instore to receive a discount on their purchase.
  5. At the end of the campaign you report results and we invoice you for the agreed fee.


Additional benefits for Discount Offers and Location Based Offers

As a promoted shopfront retailer, your store will be listed on the brand page as the first retailer for the brand when a user is within the specified KM radius of your store. For retailers using our discount offer, your store will be listed as the first retailer for the brand regardless of user location. Your store is thus more likely to be the first port of call for users shopping for these brands.

On the brand page, any discount information will be shown next to your store name to encourage the user to click through to your store page. Your store page will detail all of the brands that you stock, and all offers. Users can view a map to find directions to your store.


How app users access your store


Kowtow brand page

Brand Page: The brand is Kowtow and the first listed retailer is The Darley Store, who are running a discount offer, which is shown next to their store name. This gives users further incentive to click through to The Darley Store’s retailer page from the brand page.

Darley store retailer page

Retailer Page: includes Google Maps location for The Darley Store, information about the discount offer they are running with Good on You, and a list of the ethical brands that they sell.

offers page shopfront

Offers Page: the offers page is immediately accessible to users via the permanent tab at the bottom of the app screen. Users often check this tab first when using the app to see what offers Good on You are running. Users are taken to the retailer’s page when they click on their offer in order to see where the store is located.


Strut Card – How it Works

We will provide you with a strut card with our logo and the ratings of the brands that you stock on it, to display in your store. It will promote your store as stocking brands that are ethical and sustainable, and inform your clientele where they can download our app to receive a discount on your products. We will credit the cost of the strut card before we bill you.


Blog and Social Media Package

We want our followers to know about the discounts we offer on their favourite brands, and where they can buy them! We promote your store through:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • A feature article in The Good Edit, Good on You’s Blog
  • A feature article on the Good On You app newsfeed
  • Our regular emails

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help. Packages start at $100. You can combine a Blog/Social Media package with a discount offer or location based offer for best results.


Payment Options

Discount offers listed on app

  1. % of net sales using the agreed Coupon Code (excluding GST and shipping), (approved purchasers only), or
  2. Pay per click through to your retailer page on the app, at agreed rate.

Pay Per Click on Location Based Offers

    1. $80 set  up fee, includes news feed article about your store and first 100 clicks.
    2. Agree rate per click.

Blog and Social Media packages

    1. Prices start at $100.
    2. Prices include $50 credit toward a PPC or Discount Offer promotion run at the same time.


An invoice is sent monthly or at the end of the advertising period, setting out the charges incurred. Your credit card (or advance payment) is debited one week after the invoice is sent.

Retailers can specify a maximum cost per week (see pricing table).



Approved purchasers will report total net sales per month.

Good on You will provide advertisers with a monthly report detailing:

  • Clicks from offer page to your retailer page in the app.
  • Clicks from brand pages to your retailer page in the app.
  • Blog, social media and news feed reach and clicks as relevant.
  • Positive and negative actions taken by users in relation to the brand you are promoting (ie using the Your Voice feature of the app).


What You Will Need to Provide

For your Retailer Page on the Good On You App (if this is your first campaign with us)

  • A short store description or tag line: maximum 60 characters. This will also appear on the offer page
  • Store logo – square format, approx. 900 pixels by 900 pixels
  • Horizontal retailer page header image in dimensions 3:1

For each offer

  • Offer page image – square format, approx. 900 pixels by 900 pixels
  • Offer description including the offer – eg 20% discount, $50 off etc – and discount code (unless PPC)
  • Offer start and finish dates; expiry date within 2-5 weeks of the start date are recommended (these are not shown in the app other than offer expiry date is shown in the last 3-4 days).
  • Contact details.

If required

  • A list of the ethical clothing, footwear and accessories brands that you stock. If we do not already have these rated on our app we will need to do so, this can take up to two weeks. Brands can be submitted for rating here.
  • A CSV file of all of your stores, if you have multiple.


Contact Us

Please contact us to discuss attribution.