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Connect with more than 22,000 ethical shoppers!

Are you a retailer that sells ethical and sustainable fashion brands? Are those brands rated “Good” or “Great” in the Good On You app?

Promoting your ethical brand or brands through Good On You is one of the best ways to reach people who are proactively seeking to make more ethical and sustainable clothing choices.

Good On You is a social enterprise run by not-for-profit organisation Ethical Consumers Australia. Our passion lies in making it easier for consumers to buy fashion aligned with their values. We aim to provide our audience with the ease of ethical ratings to help them make shopping choices that match their values.

Good On You provides ethical ratings for over 1,000 fashion, accessories and footwear brands.

Reach highly motivated shoppers that value your ethical production practices.

Good On You can help you reach a key target market–consumers who want to buy clothing that aligns with their values.


 “The promotions we ran via Good On You were an invaluable source of exposure to a highly targeted market and resulted in sales that were clearly attributable to promotion via the app and affiliated websites and social media channels. We look forward to running more campaigns in the future!”

Jai Sharma, Managing Director of Thread Harvest.


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Good On You offers a variety of promotional opportunities for online and bricks and mortar retailers stocking brands rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’.

For online retailers, Good On You can promote offers with a discount code or via pay per click. For offer details click here.

Subject to approval Good On You can offer a discount promotion for physical stores. For offer details click here.

If you sell a brand that isn’t rated yet, please submit the brand for rating. Information on how we rate brands can be found here.

Content Marketing

Your promotion will be even more effective with content marketing via the News Feed in the app, the Good Edit (our blog) through our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Contact us for marketing opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re set up for affiliate marketing we’d love to chat. If not, and it’s something that interests you, we use Commission Factory and APD.

Contact us to find out more.

Our Reach

Connect with a growing Australian and New Zealand based audience of

  • 30,000 Registered App Users
  • 5,000 Monthly Active Users (App)
  • 18,000 website sessions per month (12,000 unique visitors)
  • 11,000 Facebook Followers
  • 10,500 Instagram Followers
  • 2,000 eNews subscribers
[28 October 2016]

For More Information

For further questions and a run down of price structure email us and we will be happy to help.

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Why We Offer Advertising

Our app is free to users, and we want to keep it that way. By working with other brands and retailers who promote ethics and sustainability, we can continue bringing useful and valuable information to a very engaged audience.


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