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How Ethical Is Boohoo?

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Founded in Manchester, in 2006, Boohoo sells its own-brand clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products online. It has grown so fast since then that in June, it was reported by the Guardian that “sales had increased by more than 50% in the previous three months compared with the previous year”. The brand even purchased PrettyLittleThing and Nasty Gal, two other Fast Fashion brands in 2017. Read More

November’s Best Newly Rated Brands

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November is really the beginning of the festive season. The Christmas decorations start going up all over town, and the party invitations start rolling in.  It’s also the time of year we’re encouraged to buy, buy, buy with Black Friday sales now happening in many countries. But as ethical fashionistas we know that mindless consumerism will not bring joy to the world… Read More

Join The Fight To End Modern Slavery

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Slavery has existed in different forms for a very long time. Despite being outlawed in most countries in the 1800s, slavery persists.  The Walk Free Foundation, estimates 40 million people worldwide are trapped in modern slavery today, with 71% estimated to be women and girls. The foundation says just under two thirds of these people are in the Asia-Pacific region. So what is modern slavery? What are governments doing about it and what we can do to change things? Read More

We Rate Meghan Markle’s Ethical Fashion Choices

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When we saw Meghan wearing her Stella McCartney wedding reception dress, we hoped it was the start of something great. And it was. In just a few months, the former Suits actress has gone from newly minted Royal, to sustainable style icon. From her favourite sneakers and jeans, to the dress that broke the internet – HRH made some very deliberate fashion choices while on her and Prince Harry’s recent tour of Australia and the Pacific. So, how do we rate the ethical brands chosen by HRH the Duchess of Sussex? Read on to find out: Read More

3 More Reasons To Ditch Fast Fashion

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By now we are well across all the many environmental and social ills that the developed world’s collective addiction to cheap, trendy fast fashion is fuelling. We know about the climate impacts, the human rights abuses, the pollution, the waste and the animal cruelty.  But it doesn’t stop there. Here are three more good reasons to ditch fast fashion to add to protecting the environment, garment workers and our furry friends. Read More

Is A Minimalist Wardrobe The Key To A Happier And More Sustainable Lifestyle?

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The perils of fast fashion are well known. Widespread water pollution through the use of cheap and toxic dyes, mountains of textile waste, the ubiquitous use of fossil fuel based materials such as polyester, the pressure on cotton farmers, the list goes on! Out of this chaos a trend is emerging that rejects all that – minimalism.  It’s time to ask – is a minimalist wardrobe the key to a happier and more sustainable life? Read More

7 Items You Need to Nail Trans-Seasonal Dressing!

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Whether spring has sprung where you are, or the autumn leaves are falling, it’s that time of year again when the weather can swing wildly from one day to another (and sometimes between morning and afternoon). Having a few trans-seasonal pieces in your wardrobe will help you respond to the elements while staying stylish and ethical. Here are some of our favourites. Read More