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Is Clothing Rental The Sustainable Option For Your Next Big Event?

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Are you looking for something chic for a special night out? An elegant gown for a formal? An amazing dress for your best friend’s wedding?  These events may not come around very often, but when they do, finding something that’s ethical as well as red-carpet-worthy isn’t easy. That’s where clothing rental comes in – it’s one way to reduce the impact of your wardrobe choices without compromising your look. Read More

Blazing A Trail: What’s Up With Burberry’s Decision to Stop Burning Clothes?

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In early July, Burberry provoked a storm of criticism when it was revealed the brand burned unsold stock worth up millions of dollars. Some commentators pointed out that this is commonplace in the fashion industry and that the British luxury retailer is not the only company setting its stock alight.  But the Burberry backlash made it clear consumers were not happy to discover this fashion label’s dirty secret. Read More

How Ethical Is Just Jeans?

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Founded in 1970, Just Jeans defines itself as the “Australia denim destination” and prides itself on its expertise in all things denim. The brand sells its own line, as well as some of the world’s leading denim brands, including Levi’s, Riders by Lee, Mavi, Guess, True Religion, NYDJ, Calvin Klein Jeans and Wrangler. With now more than 400 stores around Australia and New Zealand, how does that brand rate on its environmental, labour and animal welfare policies? We ask, how ethical is Just Jeans? Read More

6 Scandinavian Brands Doing Ethical In Style

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Scandinavia is known for its pure and minimalistic designs, aiming to improve everyday life with the modernist mantra ‘form follows function’. Scandinavian fashion often sticks to the same principles – simple yet beautiful.  But what about sustainable too? Here are six brands from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which are doing ethical, in style. Read More

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What Is Fast Fashion?

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Clothes shopping used to be an occasional event – something that happened a few times a year when the seasons changed, or we outgrew what we had.  But about 20 years ago something changed. Clothes became cheaper, trend cycles sped up and shopping became a form of entertainment. Enter Fast Fashion – and the global chains that now dominate our high streets and online. But what is Fast Fashion? And how does it impact people and planet? Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Ethical Underwear For Men And Women

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Underwear is the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off and it can truly make our day. The great news is there’s a growing number of sustainable underwear brands –  making it one of the easiest elements of your wardrobe to switch.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together this ultimate guide of brands that will make you feel comfortable and confident, without compromising on your values. Read More

Louis Vuitton Men Fashion Week 2018

How Ethical Is Louis Vuitton?

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Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s most recognised luxury fashion brands, thanks to its distinctive monogrammed accessories and clothing. But with a hot new artistic director on board, has the 164-year-old French fashion house updated its values for the 21st century? We ask, how ethical is Louis Vuitton?
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