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Reece Pater

Have Yourself a Waste-Free Christmas

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Christmas is such an exciting time. Think family parties, carols, gifts, decorations, food, Mariah Carey and Michael Buble….it’s amazing! But have you ever thought about the waste? In the UK in 2016, it was estimated that the equivalent of 2 million turkeys, and 300,000 tonnes of christmas card packaging was turfed, meanwhile 1 in 4 christmas jumpers are tossed after a single wear. It’s time to put on our santa hats and rethink our festive waste with these simple tips and tricks. Read More

Is A Minimalist Wardrobe The Key To A Happier And More Sustainable Lifestyle?

By | Fashion, Lifestyle | 3 Comments

The perils of fast fashion are well known. Widespread water pollution through the use of cheap and toxic dyes, mountains of textile waste, the ubiquitous use of fossil fuel based materials such as polyester, the pressure on cotton farmers, the list goes on! Out of this chaos a trend is emerging that rejects all that – minimalism.  It’s time to ask – is a minimalist wardrobe the key to a happier and more sustainable life? Read More

Awesome Alternatives To Single-Use Items

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As the world rapidly approaches 8 billion people, trying to squeeze 1.3 billion tonnes of annual waste (projected to soar to 4 billion tonnes by 2100) into overflowing landfills is no easy task. In fact a lot of our waste ends up in our environment where it can impact on wildlife and take thousands and thousands of years to break down. But we can all take steps to minimise the amount of waste we create, by swapping single-use items for ones that are more durable. Here’s how. Read More

PVC Feature

How Sustainable Is PVC?

By | Material Guides | 2 Comments

PVC. It’s that hard plastic piping you can see under your kitchen sink right? What’s it got to do with sustainable fashion? Well, the first thing to know about PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is that it’s used in many places.  It can be manufactured as a hard material or a flexible fabric sometimes known as Vinyon. But given that it’s is another form of plastic, how sustainable is PVC for your wardrobe?  

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