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November’s Best Newly Rated Brands

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November is really the beginning of the festive season. The Christmas decorations start going up all over town, and the party invitations start rolling in.  It’s also the time of year we’re encouraged to buy, buy, buy with Black Friday sales now happening in many countries. But as ethical fashionistas we know that mindless consumerism will not bring joy to the world… Read More

3 More Reasons To Ditch Fast Fashion

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By now we are well across all the many environmental and social ills that the developed world’s collective addiction to cheap, trendy fast fashion is fuelling. We know about the climate impacts, the human rights abuses, the pollution, the waste and the animal cruelty.  But it doesn’t stop there. Here are three more good reasons to ditch fast fashion to add to protecting the environment, garment workers and our furry friends. Read More

Rise and Resist: Clare Press is here to help you change the world

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What does it take to change the world? Is it a protest, a piece of art, a hashtag? How can we embrace our friendships and communities and drive the kind of change that improves lives and protects our natural world.  How do we, the many, challenge the power of the few? These are the questions posed by journalist and activist Clare Press in her new book. Rise & Resist: How To Change The World. Are you ready to be inspired? Read More

Are These The World’s Most Sustainable Jeans?

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Today’s fashion industry is built on a wasteful take-make-dispose model. But one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers C&A  wants to help change all that.  They have just released the world’s first Gold Level Cradle to Cradle-certified range of jeans for women and men – meaning that they are both sustainably made, and designed to be recycled. Here’s how they did it. Read More

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Our Top 5 Favourite French Ethical Brands

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France has long been known as a fashion powerhouse, with Paris home to many of the world’s most famous houses including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent. But while many of these luxury brands have been slow to join the ethical fashion revolution, an increasing number of smaller labels are leading the way. Here are our five favourite French brands rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ in the Good On You app. Read More

Patagonia, Trail Running And The Campaign To Save Tasmania’s Wilderness

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Outdoor clothing label Patagonia  have long been campaigners for environmental issues.  For more than 30 years, their ‘1% For The Planet program’ has supported grassroots campaigns, raising almost $90 million to preserve the natural world.  Now Patagonia has turned its attention towards securing World Heritage protection for Tasmania’s ancient and unique Tarkine/takayna rainforest – with the help of a trail-running doctor. Read More

Kuyichi Denim Takes Transparency To The Next Level

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Kuyichi is an ethical denim label based in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Since 2001 it has been producing stylish and sustainable jeans for men and women, along with tees, sweatshirts and other streetwear. We rate Kuyichi ‘Great’ in every area – environment, labour and animals  – because of the brand’s longstanding commitments to ethics and sustainability. We spoke to Kuyichi’s Zoé Daemen and Thomas Middag about what drives the team. Read More

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Asket: The Menswear Label On A Mission To Slow Down Fashion

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Every now and then we come across a label that wants have a lasting impact on the way we wear clothes. Swedish menswear brand Asket is one of those. Not content with making beautiful, sharp basics, Asket wants to create a ‘permanent’ wardrobe for its customers – no trends, no seasons and no need to change out items every year.  We spoke to co-founder August Bard Bringéus about the philosophy behind the brand all the men in your life should hear about. Read More