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Julia McAlpine

5 Stages of Grief: Breaking Up with an Unethical Brand

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Choosing to spend your money on ethical brands may sound simple enough – you find companies that benefit people and the planet, and shop there instead. The real challenge often lies in giving up the brands that fail to meet your values.

Going through a break-up with an unethical brand is hard, but the Good On You community is here to hold your hand through the process! Here’s what to expect when you say “sayonara” to a label you once loved.

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These Are Our Latest Ethical Brands

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Each month we’re celebrating a selection of ethical brands rated and added into the app. The following companies have earned positive ratings for their environmental impact, labour practices and animal welfare policies. Next time you’re on the hunt for something new, you’ll know just where to look to find brands that match your style and values.

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Borrowing From the Fashion Bloggers

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Wish you could raid your favourite fashion blogger’s closet? We’re so with you. The best way to pay homage to your fashionista of choice is using her style as a springboard to help you recreate a look you love — ethically! Here are three fashion trends currently on the blogger radar that you can whip up with a little DIY.

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