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7 Brands Bringing You Beautiful, Sustainable and Ethical Plus Size Clothing

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When it comes to fashion, body type inclusivity is a real issue faced by people the world over. Seeing a photo of a gorgeous dress then finding out they don’t stock it in your size can be disheartening, to say the least. Fortunately, some brands are catching on by making beautiful ethical clothing for every body!

Here are seven ethical and sustainable brands for plus-sized fashionistas: Read More

8 Ethical Brands for Colours, Patterns & Fun

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A lot of sustainable fashion brands are in tune with that minimalist, clean-cut, neutral-toned look that is so in right now, and that’s great if that’s your style- but what if it’s not?

If you are are a fan of bright colours, quirky patterns and standing out from the crowd, you will love these 8 ethical brands that embrace the rainbow. Read More

Here Are The Six Most Sustainable Vegan Fabrics

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Veganism is reportedly one of the fastest growing movements in the world. While most people think of it as a diet, it is actually a lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals and their byproducts where practicable and possible. This means vegans don’t wear animals, either! In an industry riddled with leather jackets, fur coats, cashmere sweaters and woolen scarves, animal-free fashion may seem like a far off dream. But it’s not as far fetched as all that. Read More

An Ethical Men’s Capsule Wardrobe For Every Season

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In this fast paced world, there is nothing quite so valued as quick & easy. Most of us have so much to do in a day that we can’t afford to waste time deciding what to wear- enter the capsule wardrobe. Not only does having a set amount of staples that can all be mixed and matched with each other save time, it can also save people, the planet and animals if you know where to look! Read More

witchery floral outfits

How Ethical Is Witchery?

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Witchery are an Australian women’s and children’s wear company and part of the Country Road Group. Their clothing is elegant and sophisticated boasting classic colours and cuts. Witchery are known for their White Shirt Campaign, which has raised $10 million so far for ovarian cancer research.  The brand may be investing in important issues in the public sphere – but does its ethics continue behind the scenes? Read on to find out how Witchery treat their workers, the planet and animals.

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