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Hannah Clare McFarlane

Quality Fashion Over Fast Fashion

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The appeal of ‘fast fashion’ is clear: on-trend styles are manufactured quickly and cheaply. Clothes are rushed into stores to allow fashion-hungry consumers to buy the latest styles at affordable (and often ridiculously cheap) prices. For the everyday fashionista, it’s the ultimate way to stay on top of changing trends and keep an updated style. But of course, there’s a catch, and you could be paying more in many more ways than you think. Read More

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Naughty or nice: How good are this year’s most popular toys for people and the planet?

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Toy companies are vying for us to fill our children’s stockings this Christmas, but are they doing it at the expense of workers and the environment? How committed are the major toy brands to eliminating child and forced labour, maintaining safe working conditions, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste? Read More

Say Yes to Secondhand Clothing

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Buying secondhand clothing is one of the easiest ethical choices you can make. Whether your process involves perusing market stalls, browsing online, or sifting through the rails in op-shops, you are guaranteed to find something different from what’s available on the high street, and generally at a fraction of the cost.
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