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The Ultimate Sustainable and Ethical Christmas Guide: More than 50 Tips to Make the Holidays Matter

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Christmas is a time of giving.

We present gifts to one another and exchange season’s greetings with our neighbours, work colleagues, and friends. We dedicate time to our loved ones, and energy towards celebrating the end of another busy year and, for many of us, the rare occurrence of everyone being home at the same time! Read More

Do Fashion Brands Have a Double Standard When It Comes to Transport Workers?

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Over the last 20-30 years, the fashion industry has gone global, in a big way. More and more clothes bound for western markets are made in supplier countries in Asia, Africa and South America and less and less in Europe, North America and Australia. And all of this globalisation is fuelled by the transport industry – in particular, the container shipping industry.  Read More

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Online Shopping Assistant adds one-click ethical ratings to your favourite online store

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You mean I can find out how ethical a brand is with one click right inside my favorite online store?

People I talk to often tell me they want to know how ethical brands are before they buy. But they don’t know where to start looking, and anyway they want that information available with as little effort as possible. They don’t want to remember where they need to go to look it up. Read More