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Ashlee Uren

Material Guide: How Ethical is Angora?

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As winter approaches it’s time to pull out your favourite socks, scarves and gloves to get nice and cozy. We all know the drill: great knitwear needs to be warm, snug, stylish and silky soft. In order to achieve this end, a lot of designers turn to angora for the super soft warmness we all know and love. At Good On You, we love a warm jumper as much as the next person. But is all angora created equally? Can Angora really be ethical?

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Polyester cones

Material Guide: How Ethical is Polyester?

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Many of us don’t put much thought into the materials that our clothes are made from beyond those generic descriptions, like, ‘soft’, ‘stretchy’, or ‘delicate’. When looking at labels it doesn’t take a magnifying glass to notice that one fabric comes up more than most: polyester. Considering its prevalence it is important to know exactly what you’ve got rubbing against your skin. Read More