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Are you passionate about our mission to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to shop their values? Do you have a great ethical fashion story to tell? Are you looking to share your unique perspective on conscious consumerism to a wide audience? Do you want to write for Good On You?

If you’ve answered yes, YES, YES…then we’d love to hear from you. We’re now accepting article submissions for our blog The Good Edit.

Please note that due to the high number of people interested in contributing, we will only contact those we are considering publishing.

Submission guidelines

  • Article length: 500 – 1,000 words
  • Topic areas: Issues in fashion and beauty related to people, planet and animals. Tips for conscious shoppers. Style guides using brands rated in the Good On You app
  • Style: Articles should be written in English (British or US, up to you), in an easy, helpful style, with excellent grammar. User Grammerly to check.
  • References: Articles should include all relevant references, based on primary sources.
  • Images: Please supply a feature image that is a minimum of 2000×1333px and other article images 900 px wide. We prefer PNG but will also accept JPEG format. All images must be accompanied with appropriate attribution and confirmation that we have permission to use them.
  • Author Bio: Please provide a short biography about yourself (maximum 25 words) and a high quality head-shot (150×150).
  • Brand, Retailer and Blog Promotion: Our aim is to inform and educate readers. Part of this is to help them discover new brands that address one or more sustainability/ethical issues. This is not the avenue for submitting individual brand promotion, however if you are affiliated with a brand, retailer or blog then this would normally be noted in your bio.

Essential criteria

  • You must only submit your own original work. Your article should have a unique perspective, which sets it apart from other web content on the subject.
  • Our audience is inquisitive and well-informed. They will want to know where our facts and figures come from. Make sure if you’re making a claim about something, you can link it to a reputable source.
  • When writing about a brand you must always include the rating information available in the Good On You app.
  • If your article is successful, it will go through an editing process for quality control to ensure sure it’s the right style, tone and content for our audience. We reserve the right to make appropriate changes.

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