Ethical Detectives

Good On You Ethical Detectives

Our voluntary Ethical Detectives provide much of the raw data that makes Good On You useful. They help us to make it easy for people to take account of their ethical priorities when shopping.

In an ideal world, all brands would be fully transparent. They would tell their customers about their impacts on the environment, on labour and on animals. Unfortunately there is a fair way to go before this becomes true for most brands.

Can you help us investigate the ethics of thousands of brands?
To fill this gap, Good On You relies on the following sources of information to rate brands and products:

    • the detailed work done by credible certifications like Fair Trade and Ethical Clothing Australia
  • the findings of independent rating projects like Rank a Brand and Baptist World Aid’s Behind the Barcode, and
  • the work of scores of our very own Ethical Detectives.

Apply to become an Ethical Detective or read on for more info.


Become an Ethical Detective

Are you passionate about sustainability, fair trade and/or animal welfare? We are looking for home-based volunteer researchers to help us increase the information available to consumers about the ethical performance of brands. As long as you have a passion for one or more of these areas, and you have good attention to detail, you would be fit to become an Ethical detective! If you think this is you, apply online here.
As well as knowing that you are contributing to a great project, this opportunity will provide successful applicants with valuable research experience and formal recognition of your contribution.

The Good On You Project

Good On You is an online service that helps consumers vote with their wallets by doing the homework for them. By informing consumers on issues such as climate change, child and forced labour and animal cruelty, Good On You encourages the public to consume ethically.

We base our brand ratings on the work of independent organisations like Ethical Clothing Australia, Behind the Barcode and Rank A Brand. As an Ethical Detective you will help us sort brands that perform better on ethical grounds from those that have hidden ethical nasties lurking in their consumer products.

We’re building Good On You as a service with broad appeal, and ultimately we want to move ethical consumption from the margins to the mainstream. That means we’d like to rate as many brands and products as possible so that consumers have a larger range of purchasing options.

What our Ethical Detectives have achieved

Since July 2014 Ethical Detectives have rated over 1000 brands, most of which are not rated by any other service. Ethical detectives rate brands using our custom built tool based on the work of expert NGOs like Rank a Brand, Behind the Barcode and World Vision Australia. The work of Ethical Detectives is reviewed and if necessary supplemented by Good On You verifiers.

Good On You uses two rating types. We first look for publicly available brand ratings from services like Rank a Brand or Behind the Barcode or robust product level certifications like Ethical Clothing Australia. Where there is no available certification or independent ranking we use the ratings based on the work of our Ethical Detectives.


Your Role

As an Ethical Detective, you will sort the good guys from the baddies to rate brands and products against specified criteria. Working wherever you have access to a computer and the Internet, you’ll research and rate brands according to criteria developed by us in conjunction with reliable expert sources. Ethical Detectives commit to rating a minimum of three brands a week. Each brand typically takes 1 – 1.5 hours to complete (depending on how much information is available), which means we’re looking for people who are able to dedicate around 12 – 15 hours a month to the project.

Your Rewards

Volunteering on this project is a flexible, convenient way to take action on issues you care about. You will contribute to building a valuable tool to help people better align their purchases with their values. You’ll be making a unique contribution to sustainability, and your work could potentially influence thousands of consumers to make better purchasing decisions. This will ultimately place pressure on brands to change they way they operate. It will also help you develop new skills. We’ll acknowledge your volunteer contribution in a way that works for you – for example a a LinkedIn reference or a work reference.

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