These Are Our Latest Ethical Brands

Each month we’re celebrating a selection of ethical brands rated and added into the app. The following companies have earned positive ratings for their environmental impact, labour practices and animal welfare policies. Next time you’re on the hunt for something new, you’ll know just where to look to find brands that match your style and values.

Pure Pod good on you great rating (Good)

electricBamboo velour elecctric dress by Pure Pod

We had the honour of seeing Canberra-based brand Pure Pod walk the runway at Undress Runways this past year, and their spring collection blew us away with its pops of colour, dreamy silhouettes, and geometric prints. The Pure Pod slogan, “Be aware of what you wear”, is certainly fitting; they craft their clothing in Australia from organic and natural materials and their studio uses 100% renewable energy. The company is also listed on the Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) and is working towards ensuring all cotton sources are Fairtrade. Keep it up the stellar work, Pure Pod!

Kowtow GoY-Ratings_4pt9 (Great)

kintKintsugi top by Kowtow

Hailing from New Zealand, this chic brand strives for ethical and sustainable practices in every area of production – “from seed to garment.” The ideal brand from which to create a capsule wardrobe, Kowtow uses organic, Fairtrade cotton and non-toxic dyes to produce their clothing. To see the proof with your own eyes, check out their documentary detailing each step of production in India. We’ve fallen in love with their minimal aesthetic, soft breathable fabrics, and impressive array of certifications (and we have a feeling you will too!).

Moonbird GoY-Ratings_4pt9 (Great)

chambrayChambray short sleeve button top with long pants set by Moonbird

Fun fact: Moonbird was founded by a costume designer from the UK who actually spent time on the sets of Star Wars and Harry Potter! Designer Rachel Pines was looking for a clothing line that was beautiful and ethical, and when she couldn’t find what she had in mind, she decided to create it herself. She now resides in Sydney and works with a team in India, where fabric is sourced from Fairtrade producers who meet the Global Organic Textile Standard. Pair those ethics with pretty prints and you’ve got yourself the best pair of pyjamas you could ask for.

Bhalo good on you great rating (Good)

bhaloCotton Puff dress by Bhalo

You can’t help but stand out when donning a one-of-a-kind Bhalo creation! Bhalo, which means “good” in Bengali, source from Fairtrade producers and reuse all offcuts and leftover garments. Their production facility in India employs sustainable practices, and the company takes pride in helping the community through their handicraft program in Thanapara. If you’re looking for an artsy print or futuristic silhouette, you’ll feel at home browsing the Bhalo collection.

Conscious Step GoY-Ratings_4pt9 (Great)

socks big


Socks to fight hunger II by Conscious Step

Work ethical clothing into your wardrobe from the ground up with organic cotton socks from Conscious Step. This incredible company came about when three friends, overwhelmed by the tragedy they saw in the world around them, wanted to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Conscious Step is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, and their socks are crafted from Fairtrade cotton sourced from an organic farmers cooperative. Each pair supports a particular cause — for example, every purchase of the Socks for Water style provides the charity with the funds to gift someone 18 months of clean water. Who knew socks could make such a meaningful gift?

The Goodnight Society GoY-Ratings_4pt9 (Great)

jaffaMidnight munchies: Iced Vovo pyjama shorts

Featuring everything from darling pyjama shorts to quirky printed jeggings, Brisbane’s The Goodnight Society is undoubtedly the go-to brand for “big dreamers and good nights.” The Goodnight Society use organic cotton to craft their comfy pjs and they source materials from ethical suppliers. In every step of production, the brand only uses factories that are certified by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Program to ensure social standards are met, and each order from their site supports The Heartfelt Project. Sounds like the perfect reason to catch up on your zzz’s!

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Images via brand pages.
Feature image Kowtow.

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