Borrowing From the Fashion Bloggers

Wish you could raid your favourite fashion blogger’s closet? We’re so with you. The best way to pay homage to your fashionista of choice is using her style as a springboard to help you recreate a look you love — ethically! Here are three fashion trends currently on the blogger radar that you can whip up with a little DIY.

  1. Cropped, ripped jeans like Sincerely Jules and Fashion Distraction

Distressed jeans are a year-round staple for fashion bloggers worldwide and, lucky for us, one of the easiest DIY projects. Upcycle an old pair of Nudie jeans by ripping the knees, or crop that flared pair you’ve had kicking around since 2002. You can use household items like scissors, razors, or even cheese graters to get the detailing you’re after. For further prep, here’s a step-by-step guide to distressing your jeans yourself.

ripped jeans

  1. Dapper ensembles like Man Repeller and Cecylia

Thrifting challenge accepted! Recreating menswear-inspired looks are a great excuse to go on a hunt for secondhand pieces. If you’re curious to see how you’d look in pinstripes or an oversized blazer, browse the men’s section at your local op-shop or ask a man in your life if you can borrow that jacket stuffed in the back of his closet. If you’re worried you can’t pull off an item you’ve found, think about cropping it yourself, rolling up the sleeves, or adding a belt for a defined waist. Just FYI, Cecylia’s outfit is all vintage — proof that you can do it yourself!


  1. Off-shoulder tops like Sea of Shoes

    Having an off-shoulder top in your fashion arsenal will give you endless options for spring and summer ensembles. You can style it with a maxi skirt ala Sea of Shoes for a Sunday morning at the market, throw it on with a pair of shorts to run errands, or pair it with jeans and heels for a night out. Jane’s ruffled off-shoulder top is vintage, but if you can’t find one on your next op-shop outing, try making one yourself like Geneva from A Pair and a Spare.


Will you be borrowing one of the above looks this season? As you peruse the local sale racks, keep ethical fashion information and brand ratings at your fingertips with the new Good On You app!

Feature image via: Sea of Shoes


Sincerely Jules


Sea of Shoes

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