The ultimate sustainable and ethical Christmas guide: more than 50 tips to make the holidays matter

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Christmas is a time of giving.

We present gifts to one another and exchange season’s greetings with our neighbours, work colleagues, and friends. We dedicate time to our loved ones, and energy towards celebrating the end of another busy year and, for many of us, the rare occurrence of everyone being home at the same time!

But the lead up to Christmas can be stressful and tiring. Our year long efforts to do right by the issues we care about can go out the window in the chaos of planning Christmas, buying gifts for family, friends and colleagues, and sorting out the logistics of the day and the holidays to follow.

So we’ve compiled more than 50 tips that might just make it easier for you to restore the original intentions of the season, and together celebrate a greener, more ethical world. Read on for ideas and information designed to help you make each aspect of the season meaningful and beneficial to the people and environment around us.

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Say Yes to Secondhand Clothing

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Buying secondhand clothing is one of the easiest ethical choices you can make. Whether your process involves perusing market stalls, browsing online, or sifting through the rails in op-shops, you are guaranteed to find something different from what’s available on the high street, and generally at a fraction of the cost.
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In search of the perfect handbag

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Image via Good on You

Image via Good On You

Handbags are my obsession. Some people love cars, others covet the latest technological ‘toy’ (hello huge iPhone 6), but I love nothing more than scouring virtual or brick-and-mortar shops for the perfect piece of arm candy.

My criteria for the perfect handbag have shifted over the year.  In my single, carefree days, small, cute and not too heavy were important. These days as a mother of young children, I’m more interested in what’s practical and easy to carry. Either way, here are some inspirations and ideas for those of you who, like me, are searching for the perfect ethically-produced bag.

Check out Etsy

From vegan to vintage, shopping bag to powder purse, Etsy has it covered. So many beautiful, handmade, one-off pieces and I love that when you buy from Etsy, you know you’re supporting small business and genuine craftsmanship.
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Ethical shopping just got simple: new online tool provides one-click brand ratings

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Australia’s growing number of conscious consumers can now browse and buy products from thousands of brands without changing how they shop.

A new, free browser extension makes online shoppers instantly aware of the impact products have on people, the planet and animals

The browser extension automatically detects brands in its 1500-strong database on any page a user browses, and displays a one-click ethical rating. (See image).Ethical shopping browser extension

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Sephora opens in Australia: which brands are cruelty-free?

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The prayers of Australian beauty addicts have finally been answered — French-born makeup, skincare, and hair product retailer Sephora will open its first store on the continent on 5 December, 2014. Those in the Sydney area will have access to a myriad of prestige cosmetics brands via the new location in the CBD Westfield, and hopefully the chain will not only ship nationally, but plant new locations in other major Aussie cities in 2015.

Having such popular brands at our fingertips raises the question: how do we know which brands are cruelty-free? Sephora’s own in-house collection was reported to test on animals in September, 2012, but the company claimed to be cruelty-free in a post from June, 2014. We truly hope this claim is true, but with the Sephora Collection and other “cruelty-free” brands selling in China (where animal testing is mandatory), it’s difficult to determine where companies’ values stand.
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Meaningful gifts to buy your children this Christmas

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In the last instalment of our four-part holiday gift series, Katie Manitsas shares her advice on choosing special holiday gifts for your children that will make them, you, and the environment happy.

It’s that time of year again when consumerism reaches fever pitch and everything on your children’s Christmas list seems to be made of plastic and requiring ten batteries. Here are some simple suggestions to keep little ones happy without it costing the earth.
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A homemade Christmas

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In the third instalment of our four- part holiday gift series, Hailee Adams encourages readers to put their creative skills to use and create some amazing eco-friendly gifts and Christmas decorations based on household items and treasures found in our natural environment.

For many of us Christmas is a time for family to gather, to share in a delicious home cooked meal, and exchange gifts. But in our busy lives, all too often the gifts are purchased in a mad rush the day before and without good insight as to what our friends or family members would really like. The result: money wasted and gifts that find their new homes in the bottom of a drawer or stuffed in a cupboard. Read More

Surprise hard-to-buy-for friends with thoughtful gifts that matter

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31 Bit Image via From Under the Willow Tree

31 Bits Image via From Under the Willow Tree

In the second instalment of our four-part holiday gift series, Julia McAlpine shares her methods for selecting the perfect gifts for loved ones, with tips for combining interests, needs, and important causes into one package.

Each holiday season I face the same quandary – what can I give my loved ones to show them I care about them and the world around us? It’s tempting for me to wait until Christmas Eve to shop, only to fall back on stereotypical gifts (my dad’s a working man; he must need a pen!), but I know when I take a more creative route and give something truly useful or that supports a cause that is important to me or the receiver, my gifts will mean so much more.

If you’re stuck on how you can think outside the box this year, and want to give gifts that are Fair Trade, cruelty free, charitable, or eco-friendly, read on for ethical, thoughtful gift ideas to spark your imagination. Remember, you can mix and match these suggestions and even create a gift basket using items from multiple categories! Read More

Taking ethical consumption mainstream

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“Reducing the impact of our purchases shouldn’t be a niche activity. Everyone should have the opportunity to buy things that make them feel good because they match their values,” says Gordon Renouf of Good On You in this video interview for Pledgecast ASAP. “With Good On You we’re trying to unlock the potential of people’s spending to change the world, by moving ethical consumption into the mainstream where it belongs.”

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