On the Shoulders of Giants We Stand

We couldn’t do this alone – indeed, we can only do what we do by building on the great work of many other people and organisations.

The information Good On You makes available is based on the work of certifications schemes, research bodies, advocacy campaigns, social movements, ethical fashion bloggers and more. We’re grateful to them for making their information public, for offering advice and support or for just doing the hard work they do to promote ethical and sustainable fashion.

Our Volunteers

We have an incredible team  of more than 500 volunteers and pro bono experts who contribute their time and talents. These volunteers and interns research brands, write blog posts, create social media posts, analyse data, write code, make videos, provide strategic advice and much more. Our office is always buzzing with positive, can-do volunteers contributing to the exciting work of Good On You. Find out more about volunteering here.

October 15 working

Organisations and Businesses We’ve Worked With

We’re really grateful for advice, assistance and great quality work from the following businesses and organisations who support what we are doing. (We can highly recommend them!)

  • Henry Davis York (pro bono legal advice)
  • Banki Haddin Fiora (pro bono legal advice)
  • Clearpoint Counsel (B Corp experts)
  • Australian Ethical Investments
  • Digital Storytellers
  • EthInvest
  • Muru D
  • The Difference Incubator
  • White SEO
  • Made Together – designers
  • Jimmy Makes Things – digital makers

We have worked with, and used the information from some wonderful organisations who  support ethical consumption.

  • Fair Trade Australia and New Zealand
  • The Fair Trade Association of Australia
  • Ethical Clothing Australia
  • Shop Ethical
  • Baptist World Aid – Behind the Barcode
  • Rank-A-Brand
  • World Vison
  • Oxfam
  • Stop the Traffik
  • Voiceless
  • World Animal Protection
  • Animals Australia
  • Clean Cut
  • Fashion Revolution
  • Undress Runways
  • Foundation for Young Australians
  • Sustainable Table
  • Youth Food Movement

Crowdfunding Supporting Businesses

We love the following suppliers who supported the Good On You Crowdfunding Campaign

  • ALAS Sleepwear
  • Clean Cut Fashion
  • Conscious Step Socks
  • Ethical Investment Advisers Australia
  • Etiko Fair Trade Clothing
  • Fashion Hound
  • Lisa Heinze – Sustainability with Style
  • Mobium
  • Sendle
  • Start Some Good crowdfunding platform
  • Undress Runways

Thank you to everyone who has made Good On You what it is today. We couldn’t have done it without you.